Welcome to Moms RUN This Town: A FREE Running Club For Moms

Moms RUN This Town (MRTT) is a FREE running club for women to support and motivate you in your running journey! It doesn't matter if you are a walker or runner... a mom to humans or a mom to pets (or not a mom at all!)... We just want to surround you with like-minded women who have a passion for staying healthy!

Ready to join a chapter?? Just click on the local chapters page, enter your zipcode and click Join Chapter! All facebook groups are closed groups so you will need to click the "Join Group" button in the top right of the group.

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Boston Fundraiser


Car magnets:Click to purchase

Due to a HUGE response to the first Boston shirts from Recover – they had to close off the order BUT we have opened up a new order with a different printer while Recover is – well…. Recovering hahhaha.  (jk they are printing and shipping like mad men!!!!)

Our 2nd printing is the same design, slightly different shirt.  It’s a Unisex shirt – but fits slim and is a tri-blend so it’s super soft.  There is also a women’s cut, v-neck, performance shirt that is available for shipping Wednesday 5/1/13 – but only available in limited quantity.  We now also have Boston ribbon magnets and MRTT wristbands in yellow/blue – all proceeds go to the Aid for Boston fund by the Scott Rigsby Foundation.
(Read why we chose Aid for Boston by clicking here)

Shirts pictured below – and you can order here:


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