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GoSoap=Clean, Fresh and Smelling Good!


I know I am not the only one with a sweat smelling laundry basket in the running world.  But compounding my daily sweat sessions with a husband who also works out daily and you have a putrid laundry basket and….bedroom.  #gross


It took me awhile to figure out the issue in our new bedroom.  We had just moved and I assumed it was left over stench from the previous owners.  Wrong.  Our active wear was not only smelly after use, but it was not even getting clean when we washed it.  I would sometimes put my clothes through twice to get the smell out.  That is not convenient for a mom, and not so nice to our lovely planet.


I started researching sports soaps and came across GoSoapGoSoap is specially formulated to not only take care of sour and musty smelling active clothing, but also to restore wicking and protect high tech clothing properties.  That’s a win win!


We now have a separate load of clothing that is just active wear.  When that basket is full, we take it down, pre-soak (as suggested by GoSoap hints), and wash on regular.  No fabric softener required or even suggested (in fact, it’s advised against).  Our clothes smell and feel awesome and clean and our room no longer smells like a gym!


I would recommend GoSoap to anyone!  Kids in sports, no problem.  A family of active athletes, GoSoap can handle it.  Order some today and comment on what you think about it!

Comment from another user (Christie R.):

“I first tried GoSoap after running in 90 degree heat and I was surprised my clothes came out smelling better than they did before I ran. It really got out all of the odor and restored my clothes to looking new.

My husband has been using it for his workout clothes as well, and he loves it. He had certain shirts he hated to wear because they smelled so bad and now he has them back in his rotation.

We look forward to continuing to use GoSoap!”


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