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MRTT Loves Elevate Fitness


If you haven’t checked out Elevate Fitness (Menifee), you are missing out. Here is an awesome coupon for 4 personal training sessions for FREE. Click Here! Michelle and I have been training with Paul since November or so. We both have noticed a big difference in our overall performance while running. The trainers at Elevate are very well educated in their field of instruction and pay very close attention to your individual needs. We could go on all day long about how much we love Elevate!

Here is what some of our MRTT ladies have to say about Elevate.

Jeff Galloway - Olympian Marathoner and Run Disney consultantI quit my last gym about 5 years ago and told myself I wouldn’t try that again. I was just not impressed with the skills of the owners or employees.  But last year I came to Elevate for Gonzalo’s second T.R.I.M. session.  He and the other instructors worked us all incredibly hard and I left that session feeling so much better about myself.  Besides his superior coaching skills, Gonzalo is awesome at providing motivation.  I joined Elevate to begin taking classes on a regular schedule and I’m so happy I did!  From walking in and being greeted by name by everyone there, to the great instructors I’ve experienced in every class I’ve taken, to the seminars keeping me well informed, to how helpful Paul is when there is a question as to the proper way an exercise is done or how to help work on a strained or injured area.  I LOVE Elevate! Written By Pam Rosendahl

elevate run

Moms Run This Town Valentine’s Run @ Elevate Fitness

ruth @ elevateWhen I was younger I loved going to the gym. I’d even go to the gym to study because my roommates were too loud. I loved it! The gym was my second home. But, time goes by, you get busy, get married, have kids and you don’t become a priority anymore. You get lost in the shuffle of life, being pulled this way and that. As time keeps slipping away, sometimes a sense of self goes with it. You tend to not take care of yourself and before you know it, you’re not the same person that you were twenty years earlier. You’ve let yourself go without even realizing it. Well, that’s me. I let myself go. Why didn’t anyone tell me that I had put on that much weight?

It’s 2012 and a new year. So I’ve decided that in 2012, I’m going to try something new. I’m going to run a 5k. Yup, if they can do it on the Biggest Loser, then why not me? I joined a gym by my work. I started following the C25K program on the treadmill. I’m sooo bored! Now I know why they call it the dreamill!  I really missed lifting weights, so I head to the “men’s” section. Boy, why do I feel that I don’t belong? Why can’t they wipe anything down? Gross!!!! OK, I need something else other than this place!

In March I ran my 5k. I cried! I cried because it was hard, I didn’t finish at the time I set for myself, and I was soo sore!! I have to do another one because I know I’m better than this! I won’t be defeated!!! A couple weeks after the race, I visited my brother. He told me that he’s now diabetic. What?! OK, so that now makes way too many family members as diabetics. My mom, two sisters, one brother, and one niece. I am not going to let that happen to me!!

I joined a boot camp that was offered by the park near my house. That really showed how out of shape I was. Do to scheduling issues, the boot camp wasn’t working out anymore, but I knew I needed to keep doing something. Remember, I’m not going to lose site of “myself” nor am I going to become diabetic!

I found Moms RUN This Town (MRTT), a free running group for moms. Oh my God! Where has this group been all my life? One night, Elevate Fitness held a foam rolling class for the MRTT moms. I went because it also gave me a chance to check out the place that I’d read about on Menifee 24/7. All I can say is that Paul David is amazing! Did I say that he’s amazing? Yup, I’m sold! I came back for their Camp Maximus class with Jason Doyl . This is what I’ve been missing for all those years! Since that first day, I’ve taken classes with just about everyone. From Camp Maximus with Jason and Gonzalo, Spin with Jason S , Power Sculpt with Amy, Yoga with Dani and Stacey, Bootie Camp Yoga with Amy Q , Semi-Personal Training with Angela , Run Club with Jason S, and Sports Massage with Kristen. Elevate is more than a place to work out, they’re a second home, a second family. I love that I’m not a number, but an actual person that they recognize and know. I love that they’re vested in me, not my buck. I love that they listen, really listen! Who listens anymore? They do. If something’s bothering me on this old body, they modify the plan so that I still get a great workout. I push myself to get better each time I go.

The definition of ELEVATE is to lift something up to another level. I’ve been elevated, mind, body and soul! So, in 2012, I tried something new. I ran three 5k’s and improved my time by 10 minutes from my first race and raced a 10k. I gained two other families, my running group of inspiring moms, and Elevate Fitness. I also gained one more amazing thing in 2012….me!  I go myself back!!! Thank you Elevate, for taking me to another level and MRTT for being the cheerleaders that you are! I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings! Written by Ruth Mason

Bianca's entryI have never been apart a gym like the one I’m a part of currently. I had been going to my gym for about a month when my family and I went on vacation. I didn’t mention it to my gym because it didn’t occur to me. I never had to do that with any other gym. I was gone a little over a week when I get a phone call from them to ask how I was doing because they hadn’t seen me! They wanted to see if everything was alright! I thought wow! What a cool gym I belong to! No other gym has ever done that. I love that it always seems when you walk in, someone is always there to greet you! And then there are the instructors. I’ve taken most of the classes offered with most of the instructors at one time or another. I have to say they are all amazing and really know what they are doing. The instructors are very friendly, supportive, and encouraging! Joining Elevate Fitness Studio was the best thing for me! How I look forward to my  friday spin class with Amy Felkner Manning! Thank you Elevate!! Written by Bianca Wiseman

I have been a member at elevate for a year now- Love it!!!  completely different than any other gym I have been to.  The trainers know me personally- they know me, but they also know my fitness level and constantly push me to do more.  I started out doing TRIM, then personal training with Gonzalo, and I love the classes.  I have been working really hard since October 2012, and have lost 31 lbs,  7 inches off my waist, and 8.5 off my hips!  Amazing!  I have so much energy, and feel great. Written by Rachel Marie Achilly

Elevate also offers Sports Massage:

Maria Sevilla Kivrizis says:

I want to give a big shout out to Kristen for helping me with her sport massages. She really works magic! I started going to her because I was having knee pains and even from the first appt I had with her I felt a lot better. I have been going once a month through my marathon training and I have had little to no more pain on my knees. I just went to her today because I was having other tight muscle issues and it really helped. I highly recommend trying a sports massage!!!

Each month Elevate offers a challenge for their members. Everyone encourages each other to maintain and achieve these monthly goals.



You can also join the members of Elevate for their Saturday RUN CLUB. You do not need to be a member to join in on the fun! Jason S  leads this group weekly with different routes for different levels. The locations change, but a map is provided before each weekend run. This helps runners become familiar with their route beforehand. The RUN CLUB will also be signing up for various races during the year. Click Here to check out Jason’s RUN CLUB.

New March class schedule will be added SOON!! Ask for a free 14 day pass.








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3 Responses to “MRTT Loves Elevate Fitness”

  • Sandra says:

    I’m not a Gym person at all.. But in reading and talking w/ some of the ladies that attend on a regular basis.. It’s something I’m going to have to give a try. Love the support you all give each other

  • Lisa says:

    I can’t say enough about Elevate… has been the best I ever had….. everyone from the owner, staff and the trainers are super friendly and supportive. Highly recommend it!!

  • Avie Barron says:

    I love Elevate much that I got my husband to join because it is a great place for the both of us…the staff is awesome and we love that we can walk in the door and they know us by name..Elevate Rocks!

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