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Please note that you are purchasing a skirt as a TESTER. There are NO refunds or exchanges on this skirt for ANY reason. This is the first run of a new skirt by Just Live.  We have gathered feedback on the skirt and have tried to inform of fit and sizing to the best of the feedback.  We have also included other feedback as we have it.  Because you are getting the skirt at half price there are NO refunds or exchanges to the skirts so if you do not feel comfortable with this please refrain from buying.  We are offering this price so that we can gather fit and function feedback so that we can make adjustments before the official line is launched.

Absolutely no other coupon codes or discounts are allowed.  Any use of coupons or discount codes will void your order.

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Product Description

Sizing has been determined to “run small” by 62% of those who ordered before and  “true to size” by 38%. If between sizes you may want to consider ordering a size larger.  These are SLIM FITTING skirts.

To help guess on sizing…. I’m 5’4″ 130lbs,  36″ hips,  28″ waist and typically wear size 2-4 and wearing a size Small in the photos below. 
The following *should* be true based on feedback. Again, there are NO guarantees and  everyone likes different things so please, if you are “picky” buy with caution. 
Hip Measurements:
X-Small: 30-34″
Small: 34-37″
Medium: 37-39″
Large: 39-42″
X-Large: 42-44″
XX-Large: 45-46″

Other Feedback:

  • 49% said the shorts did ride up during a run, 32% said they did not, 19% said they did a little but did not bother them
  • 74% said the skirt fit perfect lengthwise (seems shorter than 5’4″ wish it was an inch shorter)
  • 50% said the shorts fit perfect lengthwise, 28% wish they were 1″ longer, 17% wish they were 2″ shorter
  • 63% said the skirt did not ride up during a run, 28% said yes, 9% said it did but didn’t bother them
  • Almost all loved the pockets and said it fit their phone and other items
  • 75% said they would buy again (42% in the same size, 33% in a size up)
  • 62% said they would definitely buy another “test skirt” after we make changes, 34% said they would if we made adjustments to the issues they suggested so overall most everyone would be willing to give Just Live another shot!! 


  • Made with Just Live’s YOLON performance fabric
  • Bottoms under the skirt are 5″ inseam shorts with flatlock stitching
  • 1 pocket on each side of the shorts is large enough to fit an iPhone 7
  • 1 zipper pocket on the back waist band 

Photo Jul 15, 7 27 54 AM Photo Jul 15, 7 29 51 AM Photo Jul 15, 7 32 13 AM


Feedback from our first-run users:

Yes! I knew it would have the same back zip pocket as the MRTT black capris so I ordered the size I liked in those. (Medium) because I knew those ran slightly more snug in the waist than the regular just live capris and leggings without that waist band back pocket. Makes sense being there’s more fabric there. The fabric is great. I like that the shorts aren’t super thick.
The look and feel is perfect. I love he feel of the fabric and all of the pockets
Fabric is soft, beautiful- very comfortable. Love the pattern. Pockets are perfect size.
Love the pockets, the fabric, the design
Love the fabric and that it is less flowy than sparkle skirts
The high thick waist band was very flattering. I Love the pocket. It did hike up some, so I had to pull down the shorts and skirt about 3 times during a 4 mile run. The great color is at the top which is covered by my shirt:( I had to lift my shirt to show off the greatness of the design.
I like the feel. The material is nice. It just runs small
Love the look and feel. I’m used to the huge pockets on Sparkleskirts but these pockets are a nice nice. Very good quality and well made. I like the zipper being in the back.
Fabric is great, love the swirl, love love LOVE the pockets.
Fabric felt great, I wear earbuds when I run connected to my phone. I wish there had been a hole so I could snake the earbud cord thru to attach to my phone.
The overall look and feel of the skirt is good. I love the little bit of flaring. The fabric is a great weight. The pockets are great features, especially the leg one! That was a pleasant surprise.
Fabric is smooth and feels good.
Loved it. Fabric was great. Shorts stayed in place and did not ride up. Pockets on shorts were room. IPhone 6 WITH case on it fit with plenty of room. Would prefer that zipper on back blended with fabric color rather than white. Shorts didn’t have as much compression as Sparkle Skirt. So I felt like I was jiggling a bit more. 😂
I love the overall look and feel of the skirt. The weight of the fabric is perfect, the pockets are a great size and my phone fits comfortably in it.
I love the pockets and the fabric is very pretty and moves we’ll when running.
Love the feel of the material! It is thick by doesn’t feel heavy. Pockets are perfect and fit my iPhone 7 Plus! Love he length of the skirt and shorts.
The skirt is a little too straight for my liking. There’s no forgiveness in the hips. The feel is probably okay. It is too small to run in, so I can’t comment to a lot of the features. I worry about sweat coming through onto my phone in the pocket. The back pocket is a little small.
Liked the weight of the fabric. Pockets good – my phone fits.
Love the look and feel. Wish the skirt had a tiny bit more flare
Look: it was a little tight (but sizing up would have been too big) which cause some bunching of the skirt in front, and it was too long for me (looked frumpy and I was hoping for sporty). Pockets and weight/feel of the fabric is fantastic.
I love the look and feel of the fabric. The pockets are perfect.
Loved the look and feel! Pockets are awesome and functional. The fabric is comfortable and slimming.
A little thicker than I anticipated but still liked it
absolutely love look of the skirt and the pockets, weight and feel of the fabric is spot on.
It is a beautiful skirt, vibrant colors. The fabric is soft and at the same thing is thick but doesn’t make you feel hot. I love the pockets on both sides of the skirt, they are roomy and the pocket with zipper on the back is great to keep my keys safe. In general I absolutely love this skirt
The fabric is LOVELY. So soft. I like the pattern a lot. I really like the length. I prefer a skirt or shorts at 3.5-4 inches as they tend to stay put better.
Weight of fabric was a little thicker than I prefer living in the southwest. It is a good feel in the skin however and in slightly cooler climate it would probably be perfect.
Fabric is nice and pattern is pretty
Love the look and feel of the skirt. Seems to be made very well.
The pockets are fantastic! The material is very good quality and the wide waist band is very nice. I also appreciate the higher waist.
Loved it!
The pockets were a plus and eliminated the need for additional belts and storage accessories.
I love the outer fabric and the design and size of the pockets.
Pockets were great but the waist comes up to high making it tighter around the waist than any of my other running skirts. I wanted the skirt to be straight and not flare out
Love the material & the color. Weight of fabric seemed ok.
I like the pockets and the feel of the fabric soft.
I loved the look and soft feel of the skirt, I love how deep and wide the pockets are, and I love the thickness of the waist.
I love it! The fabric is a good weight and texture to keep it from riding up or bunching. Pockets are higher than I expected but after running with my iPhone in one I think they are well located. The cut of the skirt is great not too much flow or ruffle. The hem length was great with the back being slightly longer to give it a more feminine, classy look. The shorts were very comfortable and the length was nice. Flat seams and no ribs or rubber stuff that will stretch or wear off. Key pocket is easy to open and a good size.
Nice soft fabric. Beautiful colors. Awesome print. Pockets were perfect. Would love vents on each side by pockets so I don’t have to lift skirt to access phone.
The color is vibrant and the material is soft.
Like it a lot!
It’s great love the midsection coverage, weight seems durable, colors are vibrant.
Fabric was thicker than I’m used to, which was nice, felt durable.
I like the look, especially the wide waist band. The fabric felt heavy and made a water sloshing noise when I ran. Almost like there was too much fabric
I thought it was not going to fit over my hips, but it did and stayed in place.
Fantastic! The thigh pocket held my phone the entire 13 mile run without ever slipping out.
This skirt is amazing. The fabric is soft and stretchy but super light weight. The pockets are deep (fits an iPhone 7 with its case). Love that it has pockets on both sides and a small zipper pockets for keys.
fabric is kinda thick and heavy, prefer more float and breezy. pockets are awesome!! Prefer it were a little shorter or had a slit
Fabric was a good quality but a little on the heavy side. Nice cut. It was flattering.
The weight was good. Pockets were good. But the shorts are too short or not tight enough.
Pockets are fabulous
I liked the look and got several compliments on the pattern. I used the pocket for my keys and had no problems. The fabric felt a little heavier and wasn’t as smooth as my other skirts. It was perfect for an early morning 9 mile run in the dew. Not sure how it will be in 80-90 degree weather.
The pockets were narrow. It would be nice if they were wider. It felt good to run in and the shorts did not ride up.

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