Lime Glitter Skirt

Rock your next race in the classic #glitterskirt from .  Made from lightweight, semi-sheer 100% polyester fabric covered with larger circular foil sequins.  The material is breathable and see through. Basically, it is a really thin delicate piece of kickass glittery material that makes you look dam good on race day and game day.

Designed to pull and fit over your favorite running shorts, pants or leggings. 1 inch super-stretchy elastic waist band.

Perfect for running, biking, anyrunning race, princess, or similar costume or team color for tailgating.

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Product Description

Sizing and Care

Glitter Skirts come in 2 versatile stretchy sizes.
S-M (Small – Medium) is approximately 22.5 inches and stretches to approximately 44 inches.
M-L (Medium – Large) is approximately 26.5 inches and stretches to approximately 49 inch.
So our sizes are designed to fit almost everybody, thanks to the stretchy waistband.
If you are on the border between the two sizes, order the larger one.
As an example, the small size fits my 3 year old daughter and her friends, as well as my thirty something year old best friend. I can fit into both of our sizes, but the larger size is a much better more comfortable fit.
All skirts have an approximate length of 13 inches.

From the designer: Glitter Skirts have larger sequins because of the bling factor. Unfortunately, that means the occasional sequin will fall off. But I promise that won’t destroy the power of your Glitter Skirt. As I like to say, Glitter Skirts are made with a delicate piece of material that makes you look awesome on race day. That being said, you should hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. Don’t use a machine washer, dryer, bleach, iron or direct sun.
Glitter Skirts are metallic sequins on a sheer polyester fabric, which makes it movable and breathable. The skirts must be worn over shorts, leggings, your favorite running pants or something similar.
Glitter Skirts are meant to be a running, tailgating or costume accessory that does not get in the way of your activity. It is a very lightweight thin piece of see through material which makes it very breathable and allows for movement. In other words, they have no utility other than making you look awesome, stand out from the crowd, and to give you that extra confidence we like to call #PoweredByGlitter.

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S/M, M/L