Quest Pasta Review

Our friends at Quest Nutrition provided samples of their pasta to try and review. No other compensation was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Last month we shared some love for Quest Nutrition bars with our moms, but did you know they make pasta as well? We runners love our pasta and enjoy some good pre-race carb loading, but many of us are also shedding some baby weight and try to keep our eating (and our waistlines) under control. When given the opportunity to try some guilt free pasta, I was more than happy to oblige.


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First, the basics of our guilt free fettucine. From their website:

What is Quest PASTA made out of?
Quest PASTA is made from Konjac root, also known as Glucomannan. Konjac root has been eaten for hundreds of years in Japan and other Asian countries. Many love Konjac root for its hunger reducing properties. While containing very few calories, the noodles leave you full and satisfied!

Why does Quest PASTA make you feel full?
Quest PASTA consist of 100% soluble fiber. That is why dieters have used Konjac noodles whenever they want to feel full without consuming the calories and carbohydrates that come with regular noodles.

What’s the consistency like?
By themselves, Quest PASTA don’t have quite the same consistency as regular noodles, they are slightly more chewy than al dente pasta. After applying sauce most people find them to be very close as the noodles take on the flavor of whatever sauce you apply.

What’s the liquid they come in?
Quest PASTA is packed in alkaline water to ensure freshness.

I’ve heard the uncooked noodles have an ocean scent, is that true?
The alkalized water does have a scent. This protects the noodles for you and is quickly and easily removed when you rinse and strain the noodles. Once cooked it is completely removed.

How do I cook them?
Just rinse the noodles in a strainer to remove the water then flash boil for 1-2 minutes. After that, apply your favorite sauces and toppings and enjoy! Not only is it better for you than normal pasta, it’s also easier to cook!

It worked out that the family wanted spaghetti for dinner, so this was the perfect time to give the fettuccine a try. Here’s how it went down:

I opened the package and right away noticed the “ocean scent.” Honestly, I would say it was closer to a seaweed scent rather than ocean. 😉 You can check out a funny video here, I promise I’m not the only one with an opinion on the smell. Ha.

QuestNoodlesI rinsed the noodles a couple of times as directed, and the smell was gone. I gave them one more good rinse and a quick boil before tossing them with a little bit of sauce. Whatever remnant of smell was gone, and they made a great alternative to my usual pasta.

They were a little more chewy than traditional noodles, but after a few bites, it was hardly noticeable. ,

The verdict: Two thumbs up. The noodles absorbed the sauce and its flavors well. The texture didn’t take much getting used to, and I would have no problem incorporating these noodles into my weekly meals when I’m wanting some noodles but don’t necessarily have a long run I need to be fueling for.


Things to note:

  • One (1) package is intended to be two (2) servings. At just 20 calories per serving, this is where the guilt free goodness comes in. Had I been practicing some mindful eating, one serving would have been plenty for me; but enjoyed indulging in a second bowl.
  • They are gluten & dairy free, making them a great option for those with dietary restrictions or sensitive systems.
  • The noodles are long. If an extra bit of twirling with your fork is a pet peeve, you may want to cut them.
  • Although this was a package of spinach fettuccine, I found it tasted like other spinach noodles I’ve had – like noodles, not spinach.
  • Noted above, the Konjac noodles are 100% soluble fiber. This is great for satiety and not feeling hungry in an hour, but the high fiber content also helps with constipation, if that happens to be an issue – or take that as a caution against having this before a long run? 🙂

I also tried the spaghetti noodles, but sadly the pictures were accidentally deleted.  Like the fettuccine, they have a chewier texture than traditional noodles, but they reminded me more of ramen noodles, so I obliged and had them in soup instead. Still yummy.


If you want to give them a try, you can find them online here. You can even explore your pastabilities with some recipes posted on the Quest Nutrition Blog.

So what do you think? Have you tried any calorie free noodles on the market? Would you give them a try, or are you too much of an old school carb lover?