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As MRTT SRTT grows and demand for awesome new gear grows even more, we realized we were spending more time trying to keep up than putting our emphasis where it belongs.... which is growing our AMAZING community of women.  Thanks to the help of Gone for a Run we are now able to turn over the production to them while having the opportunity for new products we've never been able to offer before!  Please take a moment to head over and check out our new shop at and be sure to check back often for new products and special "theme" gear every holiday!

Items below are LAST CALL CLEARANCE and FINAL SALE from the old MRTT/SRTT site.  Please note that there are no refunds or exchanges on items for any reason :)  Thanks for understanding!

CRAZY SKIRT SALE! Sale begins 12/11/17 at 10:30am EST
First 10 skirts ordered will be $10 code "ten"
Next 15 skirts ordered will be $15 code "fifteen"
Next 20 skirts will be $20 code "twenty"
Next 25 skirts will be $25 code "twentyfive"

Each price has a different code so you will want to try the "ten" code then "fifteen" then "twenty" then "twentyfive" until one works

Shipping will be $5 for the first skirt and .50 for each additional BUT you only get one discounted skirt per order..... so if you got one at $10 you can add another skirt to your order but it will be full price. The discount comes off the total of the order to prevent multiple use codes.

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