Moms RUN This Town started as literally a simple conversation:
“hey, we should start a running club for moms”…

When I first started running – I didn’t have a single friend to run with. All my runs were by myself, no one to race with, no one to motivate me to get out there, just me and the road. And it was boring. After having my first child and taking a nice little year and a half break from running, I started walking with friends. We would push our babes up and down the street for 3 mile walks.

I began noticing my friend Heather posting her runs on facebook and I felt TERRIBLE guilt.  I knew I needed to get back out there.

In December of 2010 I ran a race with 3 of my mom friends and the seed was planted. After finding more and more running moms in the area, the idea hit me…. lets start a running club for moms!!

That night I tossed and turned trying to come up with a name for our new club. I went through EVERYTHING trying to decide what would fit… then it hit me…

Moms RUN This Town!!! Like we literally run the town… and we RUN the town… get it?


Yup. That was the name. But then I realized… “this town” is EVERYWHERE… so why not go big?? The little idea of a local running club for moms quickly turned into a Nation-wide running club for moms EVERYWHERE!!!

I instantly started building this new club in my head, had the groundwork laid out, and by morning I was registering the domain name. Later that evening – Moms RUN This Town was an official nation-wide running club for moms (well… all women really!)  With the powers of facebook and Heather’s amazing ability to suck people into the new MRTT craze..  the word was spread and our local chapter (the first chapter) was born and moms in other states were exposed to our club!

We’ve since grown to hundreds of chapters nation wide with who knows how many members (but it’s a LOT). Moms love making the new friendships and finding other moms who share the same passion.

Our hopes is that we can provide a fun club for moms (and really ANY woman – not just moms) to get together, run/walk/jog and socialize. We hope to provide an online community built of moms who will help answer running questions, encourage each other, train with each other and share their personal running experiences.

ANY skill level is welcome – I always joke “we don’t claim to be the ‘fastest’ just the ‘funnest’ “. Whether you are a walker hoping to start training for your first 5k or an experienced runner training for a marathon – we would love to have you as part of our community.

Thanks for being a part of the vision – we hope to see you on the pavement!
Pam Burrus – Head Mama