Ok – so technically we are just in the category of “Top 25 Outdoorsy Mom Blogs” BUT we battled it out neck and neck with One Mom in Maine for about a week straight – literally cutting down to the final hours with only a hand full of votes separating us from 1st and 2nd place!!!

She would be up 30 votes, then we would be up 30, she would be up 10 then we would be up 10….. Anytime she got a vote we would get one so the competition was FIERCE!  But in the last hour with a little help from my competitive friends and the power of facebook begging… we pulled ahead!

I’d be lying to say I’m not TOTALLY STOKED with the honor of being in first – but I still have to give some pretty mad props to Emilie at One Mom in Maine for being such a tough competitor!!

Anyway – wanted to take a moment to highlight a few blogs that were also in the contest and are fans of MRTT!

  1. One Mom in Maine – Ok she may not have been a fan before but she’s a fan now – and I’m a fan of her!! “A blog about raising happy kids while staying active, healthy, and outside as much as possible. One Mom in Maine is a teacher, healthy eater and distance runner who recently learned to surf.”
  2. Lisa Runs for Cupcakes -“Lisa Runs for Cupcakes chronicles my adventures in running and living an active lifestyle and serves as a way to hold myself accountable to my fitness goals. I hope that my readers and followers will find the motivation they need to meet their goals too!”
  3. Run With Jess – “Wife. Mother. Runner. I battle inside & out to be the best at all three!! After the birth of two beautiful girls, I started running for sanity and weight loss. I’m absolutely hooked… and embarking on my first 26.2 quest.”
  4. Pamdemonium – “Blog about running, exercise and my life in general.”
  5. Slow is the New Fast – “Wife and mother of 5 kids, shares her ups and downs of being a relatively new runner and embracing the fact that she’s not the fastest runner out there.”

And now the photo proof ;)   WOO HOO!!!

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One Response to #1 Outdoorsy Mom Blog!

  1. Congrats again on taking the top spot! And thanks for being such an awesome supporter of Lisa Runs for Cupcakes!

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