If you don’t know what the 12athon is be sure to check out the details HERE
For the details of the 12athon warmup challenge click HERE

There has been one other pre-challenge, but I had to miss it because it was on 11/11 a day before my first marathon. ANYWAY – I was excited to do this one just because I love a challenge ;)

I chose the “Naturalist” and the “Holiday Attire Bonus” as my challenges.  I wore my Newton Motus shoes (as always) and the Holiday Attire had to be from any holiday OTHER than one occurring in December…. so I picked the good ole Easter Bunny!!!

This run was fun/special because I was running with 2 friends who had never run 10 miles before!!  I kinda felt like a running coach hehehe.  We chatted it up and had a good ole run – both girls made it the whole 10 miles (dressed in Halloween and St. Patty’s gear)

Check it out :)

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