If you don’t know what the 12athon is be sure to check out the deets (details, I’m trying to be cool) HERE
And see the list of challenges HERE
And if you want to see my December 10 mile Warm-up click HERE

Today was the first REAL challenge in the 12athon…. 12 miles on January 12, 2012.  I have already plotted out my challenges for each month of 2012 on a spreadsheet complete with challenge points and tabulations…. cause I’m a NERD like that.  I had to change my plan from my original (the Polar Bear) because it wasn’t going to be colder than 32degrees outside.  Instead I did the “Sunrise” and the “Dirty Dozen”.

I set out at 7am when it was still dark wearing 18 articles of clothing (not including shoes).  At each mile I had to remove one item of dirty clothes – some were easier to remove than others – all in all leaving me pretty chilly on my last mile.  I did make sure I was left with my unmentionables and capris/tank covering this super tan (sarcasm) bod of mine.

Glad Heather joined me for the first 3.5miles cause I’m on this wheat/gluten/grain free and low-carb thing this past week and lemme tell you – going from 150-200 carbs a day to 40ish takes a TOLL on your running.  I think I’m slowly adjusting – but that’s another story.

Anyway- I racked up 25.2 points today and here is my photo proof.  Check it out!  Oh and its never too late to start the 12athon challenge – you will just have to wait until Feb 12, 2012 to run :)  Start your scheming now!!

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