Looking for a great half marathon in October in Atlanta??  Check out the Allstate 13.1 Marathon!  Read my little recap from the 2011 race or just scroll to the bottom for the good stuff…..

I ran this race last year with some friends and while it was pretty hilly – it was a great race.  I was very concerned with parking – but we went straight into the parking deck no probs, and short walk to the start.  Porta-potties were a-PLENTY so we were in an out no probs.  There was also a lot of other shops that opened their doors for coffee, breakfast or even bathroom usage which I thought was really nice!!

They had start corrals based on estimated finish time -but we just jumped in where it wasn’t crowded for the start.  The start seemed to go pretty well – noticed the hills almost right away, but it was pretty scenic from what I remembered and I had good company so we had fun.

I thought the finish was great – slight downhill and got our big honkin medals right away.   Super heavy duty, custom neck ribbon, spinny thing in the center – just big awesome medal!!!

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There were a lot of tents and vendors at the finish area – we were FREEZING so we didn’t hang around too long, but seemed to be nice and organized and I always love tents and vendors at the finish area – gives you something to look at and do when waiting on friends or cooling down.

I would be doing this one again this year – but it will be my SISTERS FIRST HALF so I’d rather just be there at the finish for her – plus we will have a sweet MRTT tent set up so I’ll be there to man that ;)

Do YOU want to run the Allstate 13.1 in Atlanta Oct 7th, 2012???  If so – enter the rafflecopter drawing below for a chance to win.  We will announce one winner Monday Sept 24th, 2012!

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