Ready to ring in the New Year with health and fitness??

Green Plate Rule and Moms RUN This Town have teamed up to help you meet your health and fitness goals for 2012.  We happily present you with the 2012 Challenge for a Change.

Here’s how it will work.
Each month we will offer you a “Healthy Eating” challenge(s) and a “Fitness / Running” challenge(s). You will be required to complete the number of challenges specified each month. If you complete your challenges you will be eligible to win some pretty awesome prizes!! If you complete more than one – you earn extra entries.

There will also be bonus challenges each month which will earn you extra entries into that month’s prize.
How do we enter?
Each month we will have a new signup form.  You can sign up at any time – or you can wait until you complete your challenges.  If you sign up and end up doing MORE challenges later in the month – you can still go back and edit your original submission (see below).  The signup form will not be open until the first week in January so check back on or for more info.  Be sure to ‘like’ both of our facebook pages for reminders, other bonus challenges and giveaways throughout the year!!

Editing your submission form:
When you sign up, KEEP your confirmation email.  It will give you a link for you to go in and ‘edit’ your information.  You are responsible for returning to the form and checking off which challenges you have completed.  We will remind you when there is a week left and a few days left – but all completed challenges must be updated when we draw our monthly winner.

I’m pregnant – is this safe for me?
Yes, but we will preface by saying: Please discuss this with your doctor before starting.  Our “Healthy Eating” challenges are not ‘dieting’ challenges.  They involve making healthy changes to your eating habits.  For the “Fitness / Running” challenges we offer extra option for those who are pregnant and we also have challenges that are safe for everyone although they may need to be slightly modified.  But again, please discuss the challenges with your doctor before starting them.

Are there any ways to get extra entries or bonus points?
Yes, we offer bonus challenges each month as well as being able to complete multiple challenges.  We will also give extra entries for sharing on facebook, blogging about the challenge, tweeting, commenting on our facebook pages, etc.  Stay tuned for info on that.

Do I have to be a mom to enter?
Nope!  Yes, we are a ‘moms running club’ but quite a few of our members are non-moms and that’s perfectly fine with us!!! Really it’s all about getting healthy and getting motivated – so moms, non-moms, wannabe moms, fur-baby moms, whoever can join the fun (and that goes for the challenges or just to join a chapter too!)

What if some of the challenges don’t apply to me?
We know that some things you may already do, or you can’t do, or don’t want to do – and that’s fine. Challenges change from month to month so if this months challenges don’t appeal to you just hang tight till next month or email us a suggestion!!

Can challenges be repeated?
We may have similar challenges month to month – or we may even offer the same challenge the next month, however you will only get one entry for each challenge you do in a month.

Do I need to keep up with my weight loss?
Nope, unless you just want to – this isn’t a weight loss challenge.  It’s about being healthy – and for some weight loss isn’t an end goal – healthy just means eating right and exercising.  If you do benefit from these challenges and end up losing weight – ROCK ON!!!  We’d love to know but to be fair to everyone we can’t ‘reward’ it (or can we…. hmmmm)

Will you add more challenges throughout the year?
Yes!  The challenges will change month-to-month so if none of these challenges suit you – check back next month and we are ALWAYS open to suggestions!!!

We will announce the monthly challenges on 1st  of every month of 2012.

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6 Responses to 2012 Challenge for a Change

  1. fancy nancy says:

    Yay!!! I'm in for anything!!

  2. Maria.In.VA says:

    WSoohoo! Bring it on!

  3. CatDogMom says:

    My children have 4 legs… may I still participate? :) I so need ideas & structure, especially where food/meals are concerned. THANKS!

  4. Pam Burrus says:

    Yes!!!! Fur moms… Future moms… Non moms…. Anyone can participate!!!! It's all about getting people motivated!! Glad to have you join us!!

  5. i Run says:

    I soooo love a challenge! Count me in :)

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