Heather here!!
I wish I could have a cool post about what I do leading up to race day but I am pretty boring..The night before a race I like to have pasta or pizza, but have been known to have the typical meat and potatoes! I always lay out my clothes the night before because the night before I normally spend about 30-60 minutes to find what I am looking for! Those Bondi Bands have feet and walk off on me a lot! :) Ok as Pam says maybe we need to keep track of our stuff better! :( I am not superstitious at all so I just throw my clothes on to get there! Lately it has been running shorts,sports bra, and T-shirt Thorlo socks and my new Ghost 3’s, SpiBelt I like to wear it to keep my iPhone and clip my race Number to it!! And of course my Bondi Band! One of the last things I do before I go to bed is drink some water about 16 oz. I normally go to bed around 10pm.

Morning of a race I make some sort of breakfast sandwich have it with a bottle of water. I try to arrive at the race 30 minutes before the race unless I haven’t gotten my packet and then I arrive about 45 minutes before! About 10 minutes before the race starts I go pee!! I hate feeling like I have to pee when I am running! Oh the one thing I need to start remembering is to DOUBLE tie my shoes!

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