I don’t blog.  I tried. I tried to say the right thing. I spent hours proofreading, changing, editing, deleting, adding…. It was exhausting.  I got insecure that no one read it or no one liked it so I stopped.  I got to the point where I only shared group orders or a few products I tried.  But I’m trying something new.  If no one reads this I literally don’t care!  This is for me. Or the ONE person that gets something from it, whatever that something is.  I started running to find myself, and somehow lost myself along the way again.  This is just me trying to figure things out again.  

Here it goes…. Day 1…..

Tuesday’s post had over 125 comments full of successes and struggles. It was amazing to see women both congratulating and commiserating each other offering encouragement and support. A few of your comments even hit home for me specifically. This year alone I’ve dealt with death, divorce, moving houses, job changes, injury, and throw in 2 kids to the mix.
Life is hard. So. Freaking. Hard. And exercise and a healthy lifestyle seem to be the first to take a back seat when life gets crazy. It def has for me. The founder of a running club that currently isn’t running… 🤦🏻‍♀️

I have a race coming up in October and before I talk about it I’m going to try something I’ve never really done. Expose myself. Drop the illusion I have my sh*t together and be raw.

Most of you don’t even realize that there is a person behind MRTT. Yes, I have my gal Sarah helping with Ragnar posts, but the rest is me. So when posting stops it’s usually because I’m mentally checked out. When I post a lot it’s because I’m briefly feeling it. Ups and downs. I’m desperate for consistency.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to post where I’m at and I’d love for you to join in. I may ask a question or ask you to post a pic. Maybe I’ll challenge you to something. The goal here is to just talk. Start discussions. Put something in motion. I started running because I needed something for me and quickly found it was the best therapy, esp when I could vent to my girls.

So here it goes…. 
Day 1: Current struggles: stepped on the scale last night and confirmed what my clothes were telling me… something needs to change. I’m dealing with some weird heel issue so I need to find some type of exercise that doesn’t aggravate it. Currently have zero motivation to go work out right now. Both kids are at home one that is sick …. need school to start back ASAP. Have a little work issue to deal with that’s the LAST thing I needed…. feeling overwhelmed.

Ending this post on a positive: I grocery shopped for HEALTHY foods for the week, started today with protein coffee and my eng muffin instead of Waffle House (that I wanted), and just ordered a new pair of running shoes (cute right??).

On facebook I’ll be posting essentially the same things but hoping you will interact with the post so we can kinda go through this journey of whatever together.  Head over HERE to chime in!

If you are curious about my Protein Coffee it’s simple:

I mix up almond milk (I like Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla) and Vanilla Protein Powder (honestly the best one I’ve found that doesn’t taste grainy in coffee is Body Fortress Whey Vanilla (NOT Isolate) in a shaker then use it as creamer in my coffee.  Boom. Done.  
Saves the junk from using creamer and you get protein.

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