Just 10 Minutes….

10 Minutes is what I’ve committed myself to.  Promised myself I’d do.  At least for the next week – just to get into a routine.  See, one of biggest faults is thinking if I can’t do a 45+min workout, then I’ll just wait until tomorrow…. and well somehow “tomorrow” ends up days and weeks away.  Sometimes 10 minutes is all you need to do to just get yourself started, keep yourself in a routine, or just prove that intentional movement for 10 minutes is better than nothing at all.  I have been telling myself this for years, but somehow I keep falling into the mentality that I need to do full/hard workouts to count.  I’m ready to change that.

Yesterday started my 10 minutes.  It’s O-N-L-Y 10 minutes.  Heck I’ve hidden in the bathroom for longer just trying to take a moment to myself so why is 10 min so hard for me to give myself to workout?  I kept putting it off and putting it off until finally I decided to just put on my workout clothes to see if it would help.  It did.  Then I just put on my shoes… that helped too.  Then I said ok what can I do for 10 min that’s brainless.  And this is what I came up with.  There’s no science to this… it’s just the first 10 cardio type moves I thought of.

I didn’t use weights.  I didn’t even “go hard” just hard enough.  I planned to do the  moves for 10 min and then give myself PERMISSION to quit after that if I felt done but I just needed to do the full 10 min.

  • Min 1: Jumping Jacks 45sec / 15 sec rest
  • Min 2: Air Squats (no weights) 45sec / 15 sec rest
  • Min 3: Mountain Climbers 45sec / 15 sec rest
  • Min 4: Jump Rope (without rope just movements) 45sec / 15 sec rest
  • Min 5: Step Back Lunges 45sec / 15 sec rest
  • Min 6: Burpees 45sec / 15 sec rest
  • Min 7: High Knees 45sec / 15 sec rest
  • Min 8: Butt Kicks 45sec / 15 sec rest
  • Min 9: Front Punches (w/ alternating knee raise) 45sec / 15 sec rest
  • Min 10: Skaters 45sec / 15 sec rest

Easy, brainless, DONE!  And guess what – after that I wanted a little more….. so I did another 10 min of ab work and some strength moves with weights.  Then again, gave myself permission to quit because I had hit my 10 min.

I survived a full day on track with eating good, drank more water than usual, and called yesterday a success.

Today I woke up feeling a little more determined.  Reminded myself I only needed 10 min for a workout and if I repeated yesterdays first 10min it was fine… I just HAD to do something intentional for 10 full minutes.

And yep – decided to do the same moves as yesterday – but just kinda did them in whatever order I remembered – and 10 moves later I was done.  And once again…. I wanted a little more.  Today I made it through another 10 min of ab work and some random strength moves.

Normally I’m a “follow the plan or nothing” girl – not this time.  I can’t handle feeling like I have to follow something right now. Right now I’m in survival mode and 10 min of SOMETHING is all I can do. 

But so far I’m 2 for 2 and that’s a little victory for me.  Oh… and my new shoes came in today!!!

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