Heather and I were honored to be invited to a house party for Another Mother Runner’s own Dimity and Sarah (SBS).

My favorite Champion 1050 bra - and look! My size!!

There were a lot of cool products to check out, great food and wine, and Dimity and SBS even did a few readings from the new book Train Like a Mother (review coming soon – but go ahead and buy it cause it’s just as good as the first!!!)

I was totally stoked to win a certificate for a Champion sports bra! If you read my ‘favorite running gear’ post – you’ll know I always wear the 1050 – by FAR the most comfy bra ever, slightly padded for those who need a little “cold weather” coverage (if you know what I mean) and who need every millimeter of padding help they can get! (that would be me).

They also did giveaways from these awesome running companies:

Heather's size that I'll never fill up

AND we got some pretty awesome swag bags with 3 pair of socks, big tube of FlexPower muscle rub, Body Glide, container of Nuun electrolyte water tabs, and some other stuff…

I also picked up my own copy of Train Like a Mother even though I already read Heather’s copy… but apparently that’s how I do things ;)  Borrow a book and if it’s good enough I’ll buy it hahaha. (so that proves it is good….)

It was a fun night and we even had our own event photographer (thanks Kelly @ Amerine Photography) We will post pics when we get them.  Thank you so much to Tish and Kristen (Cool Mom Picks) for hosting a great party – and thanks Dimity and Sarah for offering your time and humor to a fun event!!  So glad to finally get to meet them in person!!

Heather and I with the original Badass Mother Runners ;)

And a little snippit from the reading they did.  It is just on my iphone from sitting on the floor ;)  Hopefully you can hear it.

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3 Responses to Another Mother Runner House Party

  1. Leslie says:

    What a super fun time! How cool it must have been to spend time with a giant group of like minded women!

  2. marleen says:

    They are my sheroes!

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