Thanks to everyone that entered our RoadID: It’s All About Me Virtual 5k for August!!!  We had a LOT of ladies with some amazing goals (which we will share in a post tomorrow) but I know you are all DYING to see who won…..so without further ado……

Congrats to the following ladies: I’ll try to get your prizes out asap :)

RoadID: Chantal Blanchard (117)
Chilly Dana by Frogg Toggs: Lei Dunn (12)
EFX Balance Bracelet: Jerilee Erickson (237)
GoTein Powder: Charlene Squibb (49)
Fresh Feet Wipes: Nicole Carr (120)

Stay tuned to our blog or facebook page for the last virtual race of the Virtual Insanity Summer Race Series.  More fun and prizes will be coming your way!!!

**If you are wondering what the numbers are out to the side of the names… I create a spreadsheet each month starting with the list of finishers, then I list those that said they emailed a photo (and then double check to make sure they did email one!), those that linked on facebook, those who actually had referrals, and those that commented on the finishers form.  Once I have the list composed I send a list of prizes and the number of entries to Classic Race Services.  They randomly draw the numbers and we go in order of prizes listed.  They have no idea what names they are picking, and I have no idea what numbers they are picking.  I leave the numbers there for reference later if I need it ;)

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2 Responses to August RoadID Virtual 5k Winners!!

  1. fancy nancy says:

    OH NO!!! I totally spaced on August's race!!! Bummer!

  2. Jerilee E. says:

    yay! I love winning stuff ;)

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