Have you tried Bondi Bands??  If not you are C-R-A-Z-Y cause they are awesome!!!  I discovered them at the Peachtree Road Race 10k in 2008 when I was on the hunt for something to keep the pouring sweat out of my eyes.

In comes the Bondi Band booth.

A table full of colorful bands – some with printed sayings and images on them – some plain – some with fancy prints…. ALL adorable (and later I would find out how FUNCTIONAL they were)

Anyway – there stood a black band with a pink tiara on it – loooooooooooved it….. and bought it ;)  Proudly sported it at the race the next day (and it was HOT).  It wicked the sweat away from my forehead preventing it from getting in my eyes AND it kept my fly-a-ways out of my face. 

I was hooked.  I have at LEAST 20 – no lie (AC has about 20 too – yes, they make them for children) Recommended them to my friends Christi (we got special Breast Cancer 3-Day bands for the 3day!!), Staci (who has since gotten them as gifts for others) and Heather (who cant seem to keep up with hers haha)… yes – WE LOVE BONDI BANDS.

They are also good during the winter months – just tug over your ears and they keep your ears warm without getting super hot like fleece bands do while wicking away sweat.  Oh and they are washer/dryer safe SCORE!

And now YOU can try Bondi Bands if you haven’t already – or add to your collection.

Giveaway has ended…. stay tuned for MORE giveaways!!

You have FOUR (yes, 4!!) ways to enter.  After you do one or all of the things below make sure you come back and leave a comment for EACH item.  You MUST leave separate comments for multiple entries.

  1. Go “like” our Moms RUN This Town page by clicking here then come back here and leave a comment saying you like us. (or if you already like us just tell us you do in a comment below)
  2. Go “like” the Bondi Band facebook page by clicking here , leave them a comment saying “Moms RUN This Town” sent you (be sure to tag us in your comment by using the @ symbol) come back here and leave a comment saying you like them.
  3. Follow our blog by clicking “follow” and comment saying you did
  4. Repost this giveaway on your facebook wall or tweet this!!  We dont need a link to your facebook page – just tell us you did it.  We trust you ;)

We will give away 2 prizes and will select winners by using random.org …. Each prize has a heavy sweat wicking performance band and a light sweat wicking fashion band.   Drawing will be March 31st, 2011 so GET ON IT!!!

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49 Responses to Bondi Band Giveaway!!!

  1. Caron says:

    I like you! I think I would love Bondi Bands too, so I would reallllllly like to win!

  2. ANGIE says:

    You girls are doing awesome!!! I can feel the excitement!! I'm for sure going to try Bondi Bands…since it IS about to be 65436516 degrees outside…maybe I'll find one of Heather's!!!

  3. Lauren says:

    I'm following the blog now! Thanks for keeping us all motivated!

  4. The Huff's says:

    I already FOLLOW you!

  5. The Huff's says:

    I already LIKE you!

  6. The Huff's says:

    Now I LIKE Bondi Bands

  7. The Huff's says:

    i posted a link on my facebook page!! (i also posted the link on Bondi Bands)

  8. Rhonda Caughlin Werner says:

    All 4 done….I've been eyeing these things four a couple years…..gotta tame that hair! I need a Bondi Band!!!

  9. Carolyn says:

    I follow your FB book page and now I'm following the blog!! Yay!!

  10. About Ashley says:

    I like you!

  11. Cris says:

    So I already "like" (*FB needs a LOVE button, I'm just sayin'…)MRTT and follow the blog, but now I also "like" Bondi Bands and have already picked out several favorites! I've posted the link on my FB page. I SO need some…maybe they would distract from how awful my poor splotchy red face while I'm running! :)

  12. M and A says:

    ooo, I 'liked' your FB; I 'liked' bondi bands; I'm now following your blog… and as soon as I can get my FB to cooperate I'm going to post a link on my running groups FB page! I would love to have one of these when I start running again after this baby is born!

  13. Caron says:

    I liked the Bondi Bands Page!

  14. Caron says:

    Oh, and I follow you too! That sounds creepy… ;)

  15. Rhonda Caughlin Werner says:

    Ok, so I failed to follow instruction! I've followed your blog : )

  16. Rhonda Caughlin Werner says:

    I've liked the FB Fan page!

  17. Rhonda Caughlin Werner says:

    I've liked the Bondi Bands FB Page

  18. Rhonda Caughlin Werner says:

    I've reposted on my FB page!

  19. Katie says:

    I'm following you!

  20. Katie says:

    I also like you on facebook

  21. Laurie says:

    I like you & sure would like to win one to wear in Buffalo NY

  22. Helen says:

    I liked your FB page and would love to try a Bondi Band!

  23. Helen says:

    I "liked" the Bondi Band FB page, and said you sent me.

  24. Helen says:

    I shared this on my FB page.

  25. Helen says:

    I'm following you…

  26. nikkicarr1 says:

    love the mommy group that isnt kid-centric we can be better mommys when we can rejuvenate

    (and I want a bondi band)

  27. nikkicarr1 says:

    the blog topics are great going to cont to follow and not just for a bondi band

  28. cindyzb says:

    Looking forward to buying some gear when the page is set up! Like the facebook group and shared with my mommy friends. Hope to see what we can conjure up in Missouri!

  29. cindyzb says:

    Liked the Bondi Bands page as well. Great sponsor!

  30. cindyzb says:

    Following your blogs now too! Man, I'm easy!

  31. cindyzb says:

    …and posting this to Facebook. What next? :)

  32. Cris says:

    Just commenting again (since I did everything all in one comment before) that I love following the MRTT blog. Nice videos from the visit to the running store to try on the Kinvaras!

  33. Cris says:

    Also loving all the Bondi band choices…so many to choose from and very cute! I "like" their Facebook feed! :)

  34. Cris says:

    I like Moms RUN This Town! Always fun to check in and see what everyone is up to for the day. Looking forward to the nicer weather that some of you are already having. Our snow is melting today!

  35. Jacquie says:

    I like Moms Run This Town!

  36. Jacquie says:

    I also liked Bondi Band – quite unique!

  37. Jacquie says:

    Ok – done it all I hope. :)

  38. Christi says:

    Can't wait to see the future posts here…entered all!

  39. Stacy says:

    I liked Bondi Bands facebook page!

  40. Stacy says:

    I liked MRTT facebook page!

  41. Stacy says:

    I'm following the blog!

  42. Stacy says:

    I reposted the giveaway!

  43. About Ashley says:

    love moms run this town

  44. About Ashley says:

    really would LOVE to try Bondi Bands!

  45. About Ashley says:

    I follow you! !

  46. timbrel says:

    I like you! :)

  47. timbrel says:

    i like Bondi Bands! (and told them!)

  48. timbrel says:

    I'm totally following you!!

  49. Wengergal says:

    Just found your site. Following!

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