If you are on a runner’s high right now and feel like you are on top of the world with your running, running faster than ever, eager to start your runs in the morning, etc – this post is not for you……………. Yet.  Chances are you may get there one day, so just hang on to this link ;)

I think even the best runners have those ‘funky’ days.  Days where you feel like you aren’t going fast, feel like you aren’t progressing, feel like everyone is faster, feel an injury coming on, don’t have the motivation to go run or feel like you HAVE to run instead of GET to run.

Ever feel that way??? I know I have.

Coming off my fastest ever 10k one weekend then an AMAZING half marathon where I came in a whopping 20 min under what I was thinking would – You would think I was in that “I’m an awesome runner” state of mind.  Yes, I felt that way for as few days… relishing in my glory….. and then I came down.

I knew my following runs would be different since my legs were working longer and faster than they ever have – but even knowing that, I was still bummed when I did my first post race run.

It was hot, it was humid, I was tired, I was pushing my daughter in the BOB, I was running on hills, the scenery was boring (my neighborhood)….. just a stinky run.  And the next one wasn’t any better.  Neither was the next (although I did have great friends who ran the first 3/9 miles with me).  And none since have felt ‘amazing’.

So it’s FunkyTown again for this runner.

The question is HOW DO YOU FIX THE FUNK????

Here are some things I do to get out of that funk – and we would love to hear what YOU do to get back in that awesome-zone :)

  1. Buy new running gear.  Sorry – I know your hubby’s and/or pocketbooks will kill me for suggesting this one, but new running gear always gets me out there and eager to try it out!!  
  2. Sign up for a race. This ALWAYS gets me amped up to run.  I love races and if I could afford it I’d do one every week!!  I just love having the opportunity to run on new courses, get the tshirt/race packet, have the chance to win an age group award (for small races that is hehe), have other runners out there pulling me toward the finish line, and the feeling of accomplishment afterwards!!!
  3. Find a buddy.  Sometimes just having someone to run with makes the run easier and more fun.  Just make sure you find a friend that isn’t in the mood to compete with you hehhe.
  4. Pick a new course.  Try out a new course knowing you aren’t going for time – just going to run and explore.  Enjoy the scenery and changing up the boring same-ole-same-ole.
  5. Make your own race.  Pretend the next day’s run is a race day.  Set your gear out the night before.  Eat your typical pre-race dinner.  Eat your typical pre-race breakfast.  Go into your run like it’s a race day and compete with yourself.  Race days are always exciting and try going into the run with that same enthusiasm.
  6. Work on something.  Try working on your form focusing on where your arms and shoulders are, body position and how your feet hit the ground (don’t worry about your time). Try working on creating an even pace throughout (even if it’s slower).  Try working on little sprints throughout your run.  Try working on your breathing.  Run focusing only on keeping your heart rate in your target zone.
  7. Leave the watch at home.  Don’t worry about time.  Just RUN.  This is a hard one for me because I’m SUCH a ‘time oriented’ person – but whats the point when you just beat yourself up after the run (and during sometimes).  Just run to run.
  8. Reward yourself.  My reward is food.  I know that’s not a good thing… but it works for me.  I LOOOVE milkshakes/ice cream and I like to reward my 6+ mile runs with a big fat Chick Fil A shake. I think about the milkshake on the run and think “If I get through this the calories will cancel out”.  If you aren’t a foodie – reward yourself with running gear or signing up for a race – or just taking the day off to do whatever you want!!!  See if your hubby will buy into the reward system and get him to do the grocery shopping if you do your long run. 

Well that’s what  I do any way.  My running gals got me out for our Virtual 5k on Monday. My new Knuckle Lights got me out on a ‘bonus run’ this morning and I felt pretty good during and afterward.  And my motivation for my run Sat is the fact that I was SUPPOSED to do another half marathon – so I’m going into it pretending it’s race day and doing a slightly shorter ‘race’ on my own for free ;)

What do YOU do to keep you going and to break the funk?

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2 Responses to Break the Running Funk

  1. fancy nancy says:

    I'm doing my 5k today!!! I need to try some of these rut breakers!!!

  2. irissutcliffe says:

    I buy a new running skort/top combo! If that doesn't work, at least I have a cute new outfit!

    Well, seriously, then I figure I must be a little overtrained and back off the mileage and pace for a week or so–especially after a big race. I ran 10 fewer miles and slowed my pace the week after Downhill at Dawn, and this week I'm feeling peppy and running strong.

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