Adult coloring pages are SO much fun – and fitness is SO much fun – oh and Goals…. goals are SO much fun. So why not team them up into one coloring page that is SO SO SO much fun?  We had a special coloring page created JUST for you to help you keep a visual reminder of your goal.  The best part of this page is that it has a spot for you to BREAK DOWN YOUR GOAL into 6 steps.  Think of these blanks as “baby steps” toward your bigger goal.  It can be things like “do speed work once a week for 6 weeks” or “cross train 2 days a week” or “show up to 6 group runs” or even just “pull the trigger and sign up for the race”.

When you break down your BIG SCARY GOAL into baby steps it makes reaching the goal more achievable.  And if you get delayed on your big goal you can at least have pride in accomplishing a few of the smaller goals to get there!

Here’s the deal with the running coloring page:

  1. Fill out the form below and you will receive a link to our super cute running coloring page!
  2. Think of a goal you want to accomplish this year and WRITE IT DOWN.  Writing it down makes it REAL.
  3. Come up with some “baby step” goals that will help you accomplish this goal and write those down.
  4. In the “My Affirmations” blank you can write your mantra, favorite quote, bible verse, or anything you want that will be positive reinforcements for you.
  5. Grab your favorite crayons, colored pencils, markers, or paints to decorate your goal sheet!
  6. When you are done, snap a photo of it and share it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. 
    Feel free to use these tags so you can help share your goals and see others!  @momsrunthistown #goalsincolor #mrtt #srtt #fitnessgoals 

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Pam aka “Head Mama”

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