You’ve probably seen us talk about the C25k a lot, and rightfully so – the program is the best out there for walkers who want to start running!!!  From their site, simply explained “C25K, is a fantastic program that’s been designed to get just about anyone from the couch to running 5 kilometers or 30 minutes in just 9 weeks.”

As I mentioned before – I didn’t do it when I started running only because I didn’t know about it!!!  Once I found out about it I recommended it to everyone I knew who said “I can’t run” and 3 out of 3 friends GRADUATED!!!!  One just completed her first 15k a few weeks ago, Heather has moved on to 10ks and now half marathon training – and we have a LOT of other friends who are getting into it now!!  Literally – all of us were WALKERS (me swearing I ‘couldn’t’ run) and now look at us!!  You can be an ‘us’ too hehe.

So how do you start?    Well – the easiest way  is to download the podcast that has music with prompts on when to start running and when to walk.  You can visit the website at – but the information may be a little overwhelming, so here are our favorite links out of the official C25k site:

Basic information on C25k and the ‘written’ instructions if you dont run to music or use some sort of music device: 

  • The C25K program at Cool Running (they will link to a paid-for version of the program but we will link to a FREE version below)
    These are the guys who started all this. The first place to visit to give you all the background, plus a copy of the program. In addition to the free, printable version of the plan, you can keep track of your progress online using the ActiveTrainer training log. Note there is a cost for the training log.
  • C25K Treadmill Version
    Ian has converted the C25K program to make it super simple to follow if you are doing the workouts on a treadmill.
  • Lestyn’s C25K Podcasts: No Music
    The difference between this and Robert Ullrey’s is that there is no music track, only audio cues of when to run and when to walk. This means you can run without music or add your own playlist in Garageband or any other audio recording software so you can run with your favourite songs or podcasts.

Now – the FREE podcasts!!!  Great music and voice promts on when to run/walk:

  • Robert Ullrey’s C25K Podcasts
    Robert has recorded nine podcasts to accompany you on your runs. Some great music, plus Robert will tell you when to run, and when to walk…a must have. Note both Podcast and MP3 versions are available by clicking the top menu on his site. MP3 Versions. M4A Versions.

    How to add mp3 files to your iPod:
    First save the mp3 files to your hard disk. Then open iTunes and under “File”, go to “Add File to Library”. Browse for the file and add it. Then in iTunes add the file to your iPod.
  • Podrunner Intervals: First Day to 5K
    Mixed by DJ BeatSmith, this first 27-minute set is said to be a great introduction to the world of interval training to start you on your path to a nonstop 5K run! Graham Cairns (who’s into the DJ Steveboy stuff) says there are no VERBAL cues to change from walking to running – but a very noticeable musical cue … and the bpm changing from an obvious jogging speed to an obvious walking one. 
  • C25K App for iPhone
    The iPhone app let’s you listen to your own music and it gives you audio alerts according to C25K intervals. This sounds really neat. Cost is $2.99.
  • C25K App for Android
    This application times your workout while you listen to your own music or podcast on Android phones. It notifies you with an audio signal when you need to switch your pace. In Beta, and is free. 
  • Couch to 5K – Christian Indie Tracks
    Chris has put together this great set of Christian Couch to 5k Podcasts. Like Robert Ullrey’s, they tell you when to run and when to walk.
  • Phedippidations: The C25K Episode
    Listen to Steve Runner, the high priest of running Podcasters talk about the Couch to 5k program. A great background in C25K.

If you are a C25k grad, doing the program now, or plan to start – let us know!!!  We love success stories!!

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2 Responses to Couch to 5k (C25k)

  1. nicole says:

    love the C25k program, its what got me started and kept me loving running instead of burning out. I used Robert Ullery's podcast–the music kept my at a good pace and i didnt have to continually stare at a watch feeling as if time was going in slow motion. And I have completed numerous 5k races, halfs and a full marathon. This type of program is great for the true couch potatoe all the way up to the "fit" nonrunner looking to change up their routine

  2. ANGIE says:

    I just did my first C25K workout the other night (started w2d2 with Ashley since I just finished bootcamp)…I downloaded the app on my itouch and it's awesome!! There's a tone with the "voiceover" thing telling you when to warm up, walk, run and cool down! It's awesome!! Can't wait to see how it helps me start running!!!

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