Nope – this post isn’t about FUNCTIONAL running gear – it’s all about FUN running gear ;)

When I see a race that has the potential of dressing “theme-y” I’m ALL IN!  Turkey Trots, Toga Trots, Jingle Jogs, etc all just SCREAM for a costume run!!  Sometimes you have to toss aside function and put a little fashion into your runs :)

Heather and I just completed the 4th Annual Toga Trot 5k and I couldn’t wait to sport my toga during the run!!!  I actually did the race in it’s first year and (somehow) convinced my hubby to wear a toga and run with me.  We showed up and the volunteers were in togas – but NO runners!!!!  They had white fabric / gold ribbon for sale as a fund raiser – so once we showed up to run and people saw it was accetable to wear a toga WHILE running a few more jumped on the bandwagon. However since we were the only 2 in ‘real’ togas we stood out and I even made the local newspaper!!!!

This past March we did the Shamrock Run and we both sported our GREEN shirts (well Heather’s was under her jacket)

Last Dec Heather and I did the Jingle Jog (they give out jingle bells for your shoes) and we wore Santa hats.  Two years ago I wore an elf hat ;)

What’s my point??? HAVE FUN on theme runs.  Even if it’s just something like an school race – wear the school’s colors.  If it’s a Halloween race, wear a costume.  If it’s an Easter race – wear bunny ears.

Check out some of our MRTT members sporting their fun outfits:

Even if you and all your friends just pick a color scheme and wear the same colors you will stand out and chances are the photographers will flock to you!!!

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2 Responses to Dressing the part

  1. jillconyers says:

    What fun! I have a few races planned for next year that I hope to dress the part for.

    Love the MRTT t-shirts!

  2. […] been a cow, Santa, a Bunny, an Elf, head to toe red, white and blue, I’ve worn sparkles, a toga, arm warmers, tiaras…. I love to stand out in a crowd on race […]

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