So most of you don’t know about “me”…. you know Moms RUN This Town…. maybe you don’t even realize there is a person behind it hahaha.  But yes,…. there is a 31 year old mom with severe ADHD who loved to run and who REALLY needed motivation to keep going.  Long story short – Moms RUN This Town was started because I knew how much a little inspiration from seeing a friend’s daily running-brags on facebook helped me – and I knew other moms struggling to find time or motivation would benefit from seeing a daily “reminder” to run too :)

Although I sometimes reference “headquarters” – it’s really just the sofa in my den or my office/craft room upstairs…. You may see “ads” on the side of our page – but it’s logos of companies who have believed in MRTT from the start, support us with giveaways, or who I truly believe in and want to help promote and I just want to pay them back by adding a little ‘thank you’ banner.  I can assure you – as of right now MRTT is no huge money making ‘business’ nor do I ever want it to be this “thing” controlled by the ‘sponsors’. I answer emails.  I tweet. I do the status messages.  Sadly I have no office manager other than my 3 year old who wanted to “test out” every Hot Mama medal and who wanted to “stamp” every envelope.  It is a 40-50 hour per week “hobby”.  Some people may ask why I spend so much time doing something where I put in so much work and don’t get paid (yet… come on huge company who wants to pay me to keep this going hahhaa…. but seriously…. shark tank people? Are you out there?? ;) ) and the answer is – because I love the motivation it’s providing to other mamas who are just like me.

And that’s why most people don’t know “me”… because it’s about SO MUCH more than “me”.  Yes, …. MRTT is my ‘baby’ and I do literally pour my heart into it – but it’s YOU the facebook fans, the twitter followers, the blog readers, the chapter leaders, the chapter members that make Moms RUN This Town what it is.

So that is why I was TRULY FLOORED today when I got a “thank you” gift from my chapter leaders.

Most of you don’t know that we have a little “secret” group just for our chapter leaders that we use to share ideas for growing our chapters, we bounce ideas off each other – it was actually a chapter leader that came up with the color scheme for our Hot Mama medals!!  If I am the “brains” behind MRTT – they are truly every other essential organ in the ‘body’ of our club ;)  They help me in more ways than I can say – they ‘nay’ ideas that aren’t that great…. and they help me grow and build ideas and giveaways worth doing.  They use their own time and money to promote and grow their chapters for the sole love of wanting to inspire and motivate other women in their area and give them a source of encouragement to keep moving.

And today I can honestly say I got the surprise of a lifetime.  Today I received a package from Amazon… it was a big fat package of vinyl – you know – the stuff you see on the backs of cars boasting “13.1” or “runner chick” or “Marathon Mama”…. I have a machine that cuts out the vinyl and back when MRTT first started, I was the one cutting out the iron-on vinyl for logos on shirts.  As we grew (and as my machine couldn’t keep up with demand) I turned it over to Vinyl Chatter to do the iron on logos.  So I thought it was so cool that the girls remembered that I cut the vinyl way back when and that I’d probably enjoy cutting logos in a variety of colors :)  The simple note inside brought tears to my eyes knowing that all the mamas that I loved so much – loved me too (although their constant stories and facebook communications I already knew it hehehe).

Pic straight up 5min after I got it - can't see the red face and tears, but they are there..... I was floored!

But it got better…. I was on the phone with my sis when the fedex guy rang the doorbell.  I sometimes get samples of stuff… and I’ve been ordering a lot of MRTT promotional stuff, so I assumed it was that.  When I saw “cutter” on the box I was confused but when I opened the package to see a brand new shiny Silhouette Cameo I was speechless and confused to say the least!!!  This fancy little machine is … well just that …. fancy!!!!  I have the older model and it was literally on its last leg.  This is something I’ve wanted ever since it came out so I was just flat out SHOCKED to get.  I had to ask my sis if it was something to do with the other package I received earlier (in between breaths of sobs) and sure enough – my chapter leaders pooled their money and bought me this AMAZING gift as a thank you to ME!!!

I can’t even begin to pour the emotion that I was feeling into this blog post – so I made them a little “thank you video” that will remain between them – mainly for the fact that I had on NO makeup… a red face from crying…. and my hair was in a towel hahaha but I wanted them to know right then how much I appreciated it and how truly emotional it made me. (It’s been a few hours since I got the package and I STILL cry when I tell the story)

You don’t understand …. I feel like I’m forever indebted to THEM for busting their butts to share my vision with women in hundreds of towns all over the US and Canada (and India!).  Like I said – they don’t get paid…. I try to give them perks when I can – but they do this because they love to motivate mamas.  If it weren’t for them – Moms RUN This Town would just be “Moms RUN Newnan, GA” hahahah.  They are so important to this crazy little club of mamas – and that’s why I couldn’t believe that I was getting a “thank you” gift.

So I had to share this – a little more behind MRTT…. It’s so far beyond some “business” – it’s truly a labor of love, I never want to call it a ‘job’, it’s a passion.  And my wonderful amazing chapter leaders are sharing my passion and that makes it SOOOO worth it to me.  Just hearing the stories from the chapters, seeing the group run photos, finding out that women who were about to quit found a new love for running is all I need to keep going… The silhouette was just the hot fudge on my big fat bowl of icecream :)

I keep hearing ‘random act of kindness’ month and you better believe I’m going to pay this one forward….. Thank you girls – from the bottom of my heart thank you.

Thank you to the chapter leaders and thank you readers, followers, fans and members.  MRTT may be your inspiration – but you are most definitely mine!!!

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7 Responses to For the love of motivation….

  1. Christine says:

    Love this! And love you Pam! And MRTT!

  2. Nicole Decker says:

    Awwwwwww too sweet!!!!!!!! You so deserved that cutter!
    Thank you for all that you do!!!

  3. Jodi Fritz says:

    You deserve it lady! You work hard for all of us Mommas and you inspire us every day to be better, run longer or faster or just keep running! Thank you for everything you do!

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  5. Stephanie says:

    Pam! You rock! and i swear, it had NOTHING to do with “random act of kindness month”…

  6. Pam A says:

    I bet you were up until the wee hours cutting vinyl. Such a sweet surprise!!!!

  7. Katie F says:

    Pam you are such an inspiration, running may actually be something i do regularly, but it wouldn’t be as much fun without MRTT, so for that, we thank YOU. You are doing an amazing job!!

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