I have to admit – one thing I was looking forward to during my second pregnancy was a little attention in regards to being a pregnant runner ;)  During my first pregnancy I remained “fit” but something about being out there in a crowd and showing the world I was running for two was exciting ;)


I had heard about For Two Fitness from seeing various posts on our facebook wall and knew I just HAD to have one.  I inquired about becoming an ambassador and was THRILLED to be chosen!!  BUUUT here’s where the tricky part always comes in.  When typically asked to review products if I don’t like them I just tell the company they just weren’t for me and choose the polite route…. so what if I try and don’t like??? FEAR!!!!

IMG_6586I anxiously awaited the package not knowing if I chose the right size – after all pregnancy sizes are SO weird….. Your body takes on this whole new personality expanding in ways and areas it never has before!  My hips were wider, my belly pushed out, even my ribcage had expanded!  The size chart on the site was hiding a bit… but once I found it it was super simple.  The pre-pregancy size seemed to be a little off for me – but I went by current measurements and when they came they fit LIKE A DREAM!!!!!

So lets talk about opening this package… I had no clue what to expect – not sure on the fabric etc but when I say it’s the softest shirt I’ve ever felt I’m not kidding!!!  It was SO forgiving with plenty of room to expand but still fit snug to my big ole belly!  It was pretty thin which was great because it was HOT this summer in GA, but it wasn’t so think you could see my big ole black sports bra underneath ;) The tank was PLENTY long enough so that it covered the belly and didn’t ride up in the back or front. The capris weren’t a cotton-y fabric and not slick and spandex like – but they were somewhere inbetween and let me just tell you – I could LIVE in these things!!!!!  The capris had a nice high waist to go over the belly – or you could flip it down (I chose to hike it up to cover my belly button once it popped out ;)) and they hit right below the knee in a very com   fortable position.  The fabric is nice and thick so you dont see polka dot panties under them!   The two pieces seemed to grip together well so that when I was running I never experienced any riding up or shifting going on.

BELFIES (Bump-Selfies hhehehe) at various stages ;)

f2c f2b

I literally got SO many compliments for the ensemble and when my belly was still in the “Did you just eat too much? or are you pregnant?” stage it was a little assistance so people felt comfortable saying “congratulations” hahaha.

f2aThis is a pic of me at 38 weeks still sporting the outfit that I had at 20 weeks (and barely showing) – like I said – PLENTY of room for growth!!!

My only bummer is that now I can’t wear the tank anymore, but plan to keep it as a little memento ;)  The Capris on the other hand I wear ALLLLLL the time… I even wore them into the delivery room!!! (no lie!! See???)


I’ve tossed tunics over them and worn them with outfits during the day and of course still continue to run in them!  They are FANTASTIC for when you are still getting that post baby body back in shape – but even now that I’ve dropped back to my reg size (um…. almost) I can still wear them and they still fit great!  I’m kinda obsessed with them actually!!!!


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