Oh FuelBelt…. How do I love thee… Let me count the bottles…..

  1. 1 Bottle: Sprint Palm Holder: Love of my shorter mileage life.  Holds a 10oz bottle and also has a handy little pouch for keys, chomps, money, and other small items.  I carry this bad boy with me anywhere from 3-6 miles… sometimes longer if it’s a cool day or if there are places to refill along the way.  I even used it in my recent half marathon and just grabbed a cup and refilled it at water stations! 
  2. 2 Bottles: Revenge Series R20 Belt: ESSENTIAL for my longer runs or on HOT days.  I love the one handed entry/exit of the bottles, super comfortable, handy pouch for my chomps, keys and a spare immodium (yes, I’ve been known to hand one out during a marathon ;) ) I seriously COULD NOT train without this thing.  Love love love it.
  3. 3 Bottles: Revenge R30 Belt:  Hold the phone folks….. THREE BOTTLES???  Yes, I do have a 4 bottle helium belt, but have had some issues with it rubbing my elbows (I have a high waist)…. but 3 bottles – one more right there between the other two bottles… no elbow interference…. THREE????  Oh FuelBelt… you know how to tempt me ;)
  4. 4 Bottles: Revenge 4-Bottle Belt:  I mentioned I had the 4 bottle helium belt – but they’ve since upgraded the holders  with the new plastic-y ones which is GREAT because the bottles just slide in and out.  I will admit – it sure is nice having the extra bottles with you on a long run when you don’t have a place to stop and refill.

And now to highlight a few other new products and features they’ve rolled out for 2012. 

  • New products: Not only did they come out with the super sweet R30 belt I highlighted at the top – they upgraded their “Plus One” holder where if you have a 2 bottle belt you can actually attach another holder to make it hold a 3rd bottle!!!  It is now made with the plastic-y holder parts like the revenge belts so you get the one handed entry – LOVE that!!!
  • Revenge Outdoor collection:  Heather’s personal fav from the new collection – now on her “wish list”.  Kinda like a fanny pack on COOLNESS.  The R1Outdoor Holds one 10oz bottle PLUS has two nice sized pockets, an elastic bungee cord to put gels or what not in, and one zippered exterior pocket!!!  And of course, because they are fabulous…. they have this in a 2 bottle version too.  Great if you have more ‘stuff’ to carry for runs. 
  • Bottle Carriers: Check out “The Slide” – holds a new flat 18oz bottle with a zippered exterior and interior pocket, has a small exterior velcro pocket and an adjustable waistband.
  • Waist PacksLots of options for carrying stuff around….. would be great for hikes, long walks, long runs, etc. 

LOTS of great new stuff…. but what do you think I’m the most excited about???   

That’s right – NEW COLORS!!!!  O-M-G did you see the new Brazilian R20 belt they came out with???? Did you notice it was in OUR MRTT colors!!???  I’m going to pretend they did this just for us ;)  LOVE it!!!!

ANNNNDDDD – they think that the new Brazilian R20 fits our club SO WELL they are GIVING AWAY a freebie to one lucky person!!!

Who will it be??  Enter and see if it’s YOU!

  1. Visit the FuelBelt website and come back here telling us what product or new color combination you like the best.
  2. While you are on the FuelBelt website – pin your favorite piece of running gear (or the site in general) on pinterest.  Come back here and tell us you did.
  3. Check out their facebook page and “like” them and come tell us you did. 
  4. Tweet your excitement about the giveaway saying “I want to #runhydrated with @FuelBelt and @momsrunthistown. #momsrunthis”
  5. “Like” Moms RUN This Town on facebook (or tell us you already do) 
  6. Share this giveaway on facebook and/or twitter using the share button below the post.  Come back and leave a comment for each one you do. 

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    207 Responses to Fuel Belt Giveaway!

    1. cortneybn says:

      love mrtt on fb!

    2. Leslie says:

      OMG- my favorite prize so far!!! I would love the 2 bottle (or from your reviews maybe the 3) and I think I like ALL colors…I'm initally drawn to silver and black but it may be fun to spice it up. So fun. (I'm already a FB fan).

    3. Michelle says:

      I'm diggin' The Slide!!!! Thanks for the chance!

    4. Michelle says:

      I pinned The Slide!!! Thanks again!

    5. Michelle says:

      I'm a new fan of Fuel Belt on FB!

    6. Michelle says:

      New fan of MRTT on FB!!! Thanks again for the chance!

    7. Michelle says:

      I tweeted! Thanks so much for the chances!

    8. SpunkyOne says:

      Total fan of the Brazilian R20! Oh, yeah!!! :)

    9. SpunkyOne says:

      I showed some "Like" on the FuelBelt FB page :)

    10. SpunkyOne says:

      I already "Like" MRTT on FB :)

    11. Courtney says:

      I love the R30 for the third bottle, but I love the Brazilian R20 for obvious reasons.

    12. Courtney says:

      I already like them on FB

    13. Courtney says:

      I already like MRTT on FB

    14. Courtney says:

      I shared it on my wall

    15. MLLrungirl says:

      I like the R20 Hawaiian.

    16. MLLrungirl says:

      Already like MRTT on facebook.

    17. MLLrungirl says:

      I shared on twitter.

    18. Heather says:

      I like the Classic 10K 2-bottle belt. Perfect!

    19. Heather says:

      I pinned the Juicy O'Riley R20 belt on my I Run for Frappes board

    20. Heather says:

      I like you on Facebook!

    21. Crystal H. says:

      I like MRTT on FB

    22. Bethany says:

      I like the Brazilian R20 the best ;)

    23. Bethany says:

      I linked your give away to my blog http://seemommyswimbikerun.blogspot.com/

    24. Crystal H. says:

      I'm really diggin' the bright color combos: blue/lime & purple/lime
      And the Gel Flask would be kinda awesome :)

    25. Bethany says:

      I already "like" MRTT fan page

    26. Bethany says:

      I "liked" the FuelBelt FB page

    27. Byrd is Getting Crafty! says:

      I liked the fuelbelt page!

    28. The Huff's says:

      I want the juicy o riley…because my daughters name is riley and the colors are fun! (i also like the new MRTT one).

    29. Suz and Allan says:

      I like several of their products but the R1Outdoor looks great!

    30. The Huff's says:

      I "liked" the fuel belt facebook page!

    31. Suz and Allan says:

      Like their fb page

    32. The Huff's says:


    33. The Huff's says:

      I'm already a MRTT FAN!

    34. The Huff's says:

      shared the blog link on FB!

    35. Laura Erin says:

      I love the Hawaiian Punch colors!

    36. Laura Erin says:

      I "liked" Fuel Belts on FaceBook

    37. Laura Erin says:

      Im already a MRTT Fan!

    38. Laura Erin says:

      I tweeted it!

    39. Mandy says:

      I liked fuel belts on FB

    40. Mandy says:

      I already like MRTT on FB

    41. Mandy says:

      I like the Hawaiian Punch or Juicy O Riley in the Revenge Series. Fun new color combos!

    42. Jen says:

      I love the Revenge r20 – in the Juicy O'Reily – great color combo

    43. Jen says:

      I like Fuelbelt already but told them you sent me over

    44. Jen says:

      I already Like MRTT on fb

    45. Jen says:

      I shared via fb

    46. mrsr1n1 says:

      I shared your giveaway on my FB page.

    47. mrsr1n1 says:

      I tweeted your givaway

    48. mrsr1n1 says:

      Love them all – but if I had to pick…Revenge R20 in The Brazilian or Hawaiian Punch

    49. mrsr1n1 says:

      I pinned the Revenge R20 in Hawaiian Punch on my board ;-)

    50. mrsr1n1 says:

      I liked FuelBelt FB page and told them you sent me.

    51. mrsr1n1 says:

      I tweeted I want to #runhydrated with @FuelBelt and @momsrunthistown. #momsrunthis

    52. mrsr1n1 says:

      I already like MRTT on FB

    53. MO's Mamma says:

      i LOVE the sprint palm holder

    54. MO's Mamma says:

      I like MRTT on facebook

    55. MO's Mamma says:

      I pinned the sprint to my Running board

    56. MO's Mamma says:

      I like Fuelbelt on facebook

    57. MO's Mamma says:

      I tweeted my excitement. Thanks for all of your hardwork!

    58. B. Chan says:

      Love the 2 bottle in Hibiscus Pink/Silver!

    59. Alison says:

      Already liked Mrtt on FB :)

    60. Tammy says:

      I like all the colors, but of course pink is my fav

    61. B. Chan says:

      Liked them on facebook and told them you sent me! https://www.facebook.com/FuelBelt#!/FuelBelt/posts/383499058334685

    62. Alison says:

      Liked FuelBelt and told them Mrtt sent me!

    63. Tammy says:

      I pinned fuelbelt

    64. Tammy says:

      liked fuelbet on facebook

    65. B. Chan says:

      Already liking you on facebook!

    66. Alison says:

      Love the Revenge 4 bottle belt in black :)

    67. Tammy says:

      Like you on facebook

    68. B. Chan says:

      Shared the giveaway on Twitter as @bchan5720 https://twitter.com/#!/BChan5720/status/179945363522863104

    69. rdaley says:

      I love it in the brazillian colors

    70. rdaley says:

      i like fuelbelt on facebook

    71. rdaley says:

      I like MRTT on facebook

    72. rdaley says:

      tweeted @daleymom

    73. tweetyscute says:

      I love the Hawaiian Punch.

    74. tweetyscute says:

      i like Fuel Belt on facebook

    75. tweetyscute says:

      I like MRTT on facebook

    76. Stacy says:

      I absolutely love the Hibiscus Pink colors!!!

    77. Stacy says:

      I pinned the Hibiscus Pink fuel belt on Pinterest

    78. Stacy says:

      I like Fuel Belt on FB

    79. Stacy says:

      Great blog…I like MRTT on FB

    80. Stacy says:

      I shared this giveaway on FB

    81. Laurel C says:

      i pinned the Revenge r20 in Hibiscus Pink under "running"!

    82. Laurel C says:

      I like Fuel Belt on Facebook!

    83. Laurel C says:

      I love all of Fuel Belt's colors and styles, but Hibiscus Pink and Arctic Blue are my favorites! I want one!

    84. Laurel C says:

      I like MRTT on Facebook!

    85. Laurel C says:

      I shared on twitter @pace_of_laurel

    86. Rachel says:

      pinned my favorite one under fitness on pintrest

    87. Rachel says:

      went to their website and found the fuel belt revenge R20 (pink)… love it!

    88. Jessica T says:

      Went to their site and I like the Revenge R20 and my favorite color is the Brazilian.

    89. Rachel says:

      like them on fb

    90. Rachel says:

      also like MRTT on fb

    91. Crystal H. says:

      I "Like" Fuel Belt on FB

    92. Rachel says:

      shared this giveaway on my blog (www.run50states.wordpress.com) & on fb

    93. Crystal H. says:

      I shared this on my FB wall :-)

    94. Jessica T says:

      Pinned the Revenge Series R20 Belt under Running on Pinterest.

    95. Jessica T says:

      Liked FuelBelt on Facebook!

    96. Jessica T says:

      Already like MRTT on Facebook

    97. Nhalia says:

      Love the r30 in black – yes, I'm boring :)

    98. Nhalia says:

      pinned it under products I love on pinterest

    99. Nhalia says:

      Liked Fuel Belt on FB

    100. Nhalia says:

      I already like MRTT on FB

    101. Alice G says:

      already a MRTT fan on FB

    102. Alice G says:

      have been Fuelbelt fan for a while!

    103. Alice G says:

      would love the two bottle one!

    104. DivineFamily says:

      I love the Revenge line! I like all the colors, but especially the Juice O'Riley

    105. DivineFamily says:

      I pinned a picture of my favorite!

    106. DivineFamily says:

      Liked them on Facebook!

    107. Tammy H. says:

      I love the Juicy O'Riley color Fuelbelt!

    108. Tammy H. says:

      I liked Fuelbelt on Facebook!

    109. Tammy H. says:

      I already "like" MRTT on Facebook!

    110. Tammy H. says:

      I pinned the Revenge R20 in Juicy O'Riley onto my "Running" board on Pinterest.

    111. DivineFamily says:

      I like Moms Run This town on Facebook!

    112. nicole says:

      like MRTT

    113. nicole says:

      like their FB page too

    114. nicole says:

      shared on my FB page

    115. nicole says:

      shared on my Steel City Road Runner FB page

    116. nicole says:

      would love the Revenge $ bottle in Dragonfruit

    117. Jenn Rodriguez says:

      Just found your site and have now "liked" you on FB! And sharing it!

    118. Jerilee E. says:

      I want the Revenge Arm Bandit!!
      I have been waiting forever for someone to come out with an armband for holding water!!

    119. Jerilee E. says:

      I pinned the Revenge Arm Bandit on my Running Gear board!

    120. Jerilee E. says:

      I like Fuel Belt on FB!

    121. Jerilee E. says:

      I like MRTT on FB.

    122. Momma On The Run says:

      I love the Arctic Blue Revenge R20!

    123. Momma On The Run says:

      I pinned the Arctic Blue Revenge R20 on my Running board on Pinterest.

    124. Momma On The Run says:

      I liked Fuel Belt on Facebook!

    125. Momma On The Run says:

      I already like MRTT on Facebook! :)

    126. Rhonda Caughlin Werner says:

      Hawaiin Punch is my fav new color combo!

    127. Rhonda Caughlin Werner says:

      pinned it!

    128. Rhonda Caughlin Werner says:

      I already like fuelbelt on FB!

    129. Rhonda Caughlin Werner says:


    130. Rhonda Caughlin Werner says:

      Already love you guys on fb!

    131. Katie says:

      Brazilian R20 is my fave, matches my sneakers!!!

    132. Katie says:

      Brazilian R20 was pinned in athletics/bodies/gear i want

    133. Katie says:

      Liked on FB told them you sent me!!

    134. Katie says:


    135. Katie says:

      already like MRTT on FB

    136. Katie says:

      shared the giveaway on my FB page

    137. mom27g says:

      I like the revenge 4 bottle in dragonfruit :)

    138. mom27g says:

      I like fuelbelt on facebook

    139. mom27g says:

      I tweeted :)

    140. mom27g says:

      I already like MRTT on facebook :)

    141. mom27g says:

      I shared your giveaway on facebook ;)

    142. mom27g says:

      I repinned the challenge fuelbelt

    143. Tina Hein says:

      I want the black Revenge R30 so I tweeted :)

    144. The Russell Family says:

      I like the Revenge 2 in Juicy O'Riley…that name just kills me

    145. The Russell Family says:

      Pinned on my RUnning board!

    146. The Russell Family says:

      I already like MRTT on fb

    147. The Russell Family says:

      Liked Fuel Belt on FB!

    148. The Russell Family says:


    149. The Russell Family says:

      Shared on FB!

    150. Christy J says:

      I would love that turquoise and green one!

    151. Melissa says:

      Love the Brazilian!

    152. Melissa says:

      Liked on FB

    153. Just Jen says:

      I like the Brazilian colors

    154. Just Jen says:

      Liked on FB

    155. Just Jen says:

      Pinned the belt to pintrest

    156. Running Momma says:

      Like you on FB

    157. Running Momma says:


    158. Running Momma says:

      liked fuel belt on FB

    159. Running Momma says:


    160. Running Momma says:

      I like them all…but Terenzo is my fav!

    161. Colleen says:

      liked on facebook

    162. Colleen says:

      I already like MRTT on facebook

    163. Colleen says:

      I pinned the website to my everything to do with walking board in pinterest

    164. Colleen says:

      I like the Revenge R20 series in the Hawaiian Punch colors!!

    165. Christi says:

      Pinned, shared and liked!

    166. Lu's Mom says:

      Loving the Revenge R20 in Hibiscus pink — will go with many of my running outfits!

    167. Lu's Mom says:

      I 'liked' Fuelbelt on Facebook, too!

    168. AdventuresInWilliamsland says:

      I liked on Facebook

    169. AdventuresInWilliamsland says:

      Whereas I really like the hibiscus pink color I do agree that the brazilion totally matches MRTT colors!

    170. AdventuresInWilliamsland says:

      I pinned the hibiscus pink fuelbelt with 2 bottles to my pinterest board

    171. AdventuresInWilliamsland says:

      I am already a fan of MRTT on Fb

    172. AdventuresInWilliamsland says:

      I shared this giveaway on my fb page

    173. Ali Mc says:

      I want the hawaiian revenge series one soooo bad!!!!!!! or the berry one!

    174. Ali Mc says:

      I like them on fb!

    175. Meagan says:

      I already like MRTT on fb.

    176. Meagan says:

      I like them on fb

    177. Meagan says:

      I went to their site and like the pink palm one.

    178. Meagan says:

      I pinned my fav to my working on my fitness pin board.

    179. Meagan says:

      I shared this giveaway link on fb.

    180. Jenn Rodriguez says:

      Like the r2outdoor in green!

    181. Jenn Rodriguez says:

      Like MRTT on FB

    182. Mandy Aikens says:

      The R20 in Juicy O'Reilly is AWESOME!

    183. Mandy Aikens says:

      Like MRTT on FB! :)

    184. Marie says:

      Love the "MRTT" colors….Brazilian…of course!

    185. Marie says:

      I like Fuelbelt on FB.

    186. Marie says:

      I already like MRTT on FB

    187. Marie says:

      I tweeted about ths giveaway

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      Shared this giveaway on twitter via share button on bottom of post

    189. Karly @ Running Trek says:

      I love the Brazilian colour combination!

    190. Karly @ Running Trek says:

      I "like" Fuel Belt on Facebook

    191. Karly @ Running Trek says:

      I "like" you on Facebook

    192. Corrina says:

      I like the Juicy O'Riley! I think they need to do an aqua/pink combo though!

    193. Corrina says:

      I pinned a fuel belt

    194. Corrina says:

      I like Fuel Belt on FB

    195. Corrina says:

      I tweeted the giveaway

    196. Corrina says:

      I tweeted the blog post

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      I like you on FB!

    198. Shalaka says:

      I liked Fuel Belt on Facebook

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      I liked momsrunthistown on FB