It’s HOT out there.  Like hot-hot.  
(all you folks living in nice cool weather stop rubbing it in… we don’t want to hear it here in the south ;) )

So what better way to celebrate one of the hottest months of the year than having a Virtual Race with the grand prize being a FUELBELT!!!!  Yes folks – the awesome people at FuelBelt have offered a FuelBelt of your choice as the grand prize for July’s Virtual 5k!!  

You have NO clue how excited I am because my Revenge Series FuelBelt is part of my ‘essentials’ when it comes to running gear (I’ll post about my addiction this week…. )

We are doing this month a little different.  Don’t time yourself. Or if you do – just don’t tell us ;)  We kinda feel like time shouldn’t matter in the summer.  We’d much rather our runners go slower and be safer!!

This month all you have to do is record the starting temperature when you start running and the ending temp when you are done (this can be approximate and if you forget to check before/after just google temps in your town at that time.  We are easy)!  Then (optional – but you will get an extra entry for including this) write what you did to stay cool on your run.  Did you start earlier?  Did you hydrate the day before?  Did you hydrate during the run?  Did you run in the shade? Did you cut your run short because it was getting too hot?  Did you skip a day of running because it was too hot??  Let us know!!

Your bib number will be the STARTING TEMPERATURE before your run.  Yes, we know there will be a lot of the same numbers – but we don’t go by that for prizes anyway – it’s all spreadsheet related.  And feel free to get fancy and/or decorate with pictures too :)

When you register this time you will get an email confirming your entry and then a link to the race bib.  Remember it is optional to run with the bib – but it sure is fun!!  

We will have more chances to enter again in the form of photos (yes, phone pics count!), spreading the word on facebook, and referring friends (make sure they include your name when signing up).

Remember the run can be part of a longer run if you choose to do so!!  You have till the end of July to finish the distance – I KNOW you can do it!!!! 

There are more prizes to be announced soon – but in the meantime GO SIGN UP!!!

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  1. fancy nancy says:

    What a great idea!!! Signed up and ready to go!!

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