Yes, I’ll find just about ANY excuse to make a workout challenge…. especially when it comes to throwing back to my childhood.  If you are about my age, you may remember the show Full House.  Surely you’ve seen at least ONE episode, if not all of them… multiple times.  Well, Netflix is bringing it back in the form of “Fuller House” and it starts TONIGHT!  I’m totally thrilled.

But here’s something you may not have known.  Andrea Barber who plays Kimmy Gibbler (who as a kid I was pretty sure was my tacky rainbow loving spirit animal) is not only a mom – but a runner!!!  If you follow her instagram you can see all the awesome races she’s done as well as follow her training!  She just recently finished the Los Angeles Marathon!!

Anyway – I thought it would be fun to tie in the 3 main characters of the show and CHALLENGE you to complete one – or ALL of the distances over the next 3 days!!! You have Friday, Saturday and Sunday to do one, two, or all 3 of the distances (please be careful and only run/walk to your ability).  PLUS if you do our bonus challenge you can be a part of the Fuller House Challenge Chicks!  Come on, you know you want that title.

Here’s the challenge… share with your friends. BONUS POINTS if you dress like Kimmy Gibbler would in the late 80s-early 90s.  DOUBLE BONUS if you dress like her and tag us on instagram!!!

When you’ve completed your challenge, enter your info HERE  for a chance to win a giftcard to the MRTT/SRTT online store!!

Have fun and don’t forget to watch Fuller House tonight!!

Fuller House

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