Boston Marathon Fundraising Effort


Brokenhearted just doesn’t even describe how I felt when the events at Boston took place.  It was just like 9/11 to me – A regular day, watching the coverage as I worked, friend came over, friend left, I sit back down to read a post from my friend….

“There was an explosion at the Boston Marathon Finish line – please pray”

And just as in 9/11 my first reaction was “wow that sucks”.  No clue what was actually going on.  Suddenly I was flooded with calls, emails, tags, messages from friends who knew “I was a runner” and wanted to know what was going on.  I wasn’t there – I had no idea… and no clue what was about to unfold that day.

3 days later after watching coverage non-stop I’m left brokenhearted, devastated for these families, for the morale of runners, for the morale of the country.  I wanted to help.  I knew I couldn’t “fix it” but I knew that I could do something.

We had a HUGE response on our Facebook Page when I mentioned doing a fundraiser of sorts.  People recommended virtual races, shirts, stickers, magnets…..  After a ribbon I created to show my support went viral I had a feeling shirts would be the way to go.

After talking with a company in NC, Recover Brands, who I had met at the Asheville Marathon – they were VERY eager to help and graciously not only offered to donate $10 per shirt (way more than I could have donated if I had to purchase from them, ship and resell) and handle all the orders, processing and shipping.  I fell in love with these eco friendly shirt made of 100% recycled material and was so excited to have them help!

We are selling the shirts online at – Orders will be taken until April 23rd, 2013 and will ship out the following Wednesday.  There are 2 styles available and Mens and Womens shirts.


We are working very hard to figure out where exactly the money will go to – we want to make sure it goes exactly where needed and not dumped into a “generic” fund… so please be patient for us to do our research – but do know that all proceeds ARE going to Boston victims.  Right now I’m leaning to getting it directly to the families for medical bills, funeral costs, therapy, and equipment they will need if they have lost limbs.  We will keep you updated.

And if you are saying “the cityline logo looks familiar” yes – it is similar to the virtual race bib created by Vo2 the Max for Run JunkeEs – and while I didn’t steal his image, he did allow us to let it be similar to his as long as all proceeds were going to the Boston fund – and they are ;)  Thanks Dan and TJ for making that process easy!

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