Each of our “Little Mamas” has their own name and own personality.  You will see while they all come with a back story – their journey over the miles will change them! If you have received one of our “Little Mamas” – take a minute to read her back story and see how you can relate to her or add to her experiences!!!

“Moxie” (Mother of Speed)
Hometown: Vienna, VA
These mamas started as walkers.  They walked their first 5k and crossing that finish line put the bug in them to pick up the pace a little and see if they could cross the next 5k finish line faster.  Race after race they gained more speed and continue to amaze themselves with how strong they are getting!  They would LOVE to set a PR with you, but even if they don’t – they want to encourage you to keep up the good work and add in a little seed training to your weekly running schedule.  They are also convinced wearing neon colors makes them faster…. some people think that’s weird but what do they know? ;)

“Cadence” (Mother of Finishing)
Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ
These mamas  had a rough start.  Held back by self doubt, they struggled to finish a training plan without feeling overwhelmed and continued to give up.  They finally decided they would not let this define them and they would push through.  They found encouragement by other running mamas and after biting the bullet and signing up for their first race – they FINISHED and promised to no longer let fear get in the way of reaching a goal.  They would LOVE to run a distance with you that you never thought you could do – or push through a workout when you feel like giving up, but they would also just love to add ANY finish to add proof that determination pays off!


“Kara” (Mother of Girl Power)
Hometown: Louisa, VA
Named after the great Kara Goucher – these mamas  represent all of us amazing women who continue to push the envelope when it comes to awesomeness.  They love to show that you don’t have to be a dude to take first place overall in a race. They love to set records, get PRs, try new races or run in all girl events. They wear pink proudly.  They aren’t afraid to spit during a run, pee behind a tree or pour sweat but they also clean up nicely.  Make these “Little Mamas” proud and kick some butt or prove that even challenges won’t get you down.  Girl Power!!

“Betty” (Mother of Sweat)
Hometown: Katy, TX
It’s not sweat…. it’s liquid AWESOME.  That’s right – these mamas LOVE to pour sweat.  Forget that “women glisten” junk – we SWEAT and we are proud of it.  These mamas like to  put 100% into a training run or race.  When these gals are with you – push yourself a little harder, run a little faster, run a little further, break a fierce sweat and let that AWESOME flow like a fountain all over the streets or trails you just dominated.

“Diana” (Mother of Awesome)
Hometown: Norwalk CT
These mamas are chefs (cooking meals for their families), doctors (nursing booboos), teachers (to their little ‘sponges’), chauffeurs (driving to school and activities), therapist (lending a shoulder to cry on)… and that’s just the tip of the ice burg.  These mamas also take the time out for THEMSELVES to be healthy and make themselves better so they can be better for their families.  They are truly Super Women, Wonder Women, they are just plain spectacles of woman-kind.  Take them out on a day when you feel overwhelmed from day to day tasks and think you can’t squeeze in a run.  Take them on a race that you ‘splurged’ on because YOU deserve it.  Take them on a race that you thought you never had time to train for.  Take these mamas and fly!


Just a hint on some more “Little Mamas” to come….

  • “Mara” (Mother of Marathons)
  • “Demi” (Mother of Half Marathons)
  • “Starr” (Mother of Rock ‘n’ Roll)
  • “Jules” (Mother of Bling)
  • “Xena” (Mother of Adventure)
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