gosoap-sports-wash-shoe-washEvery year my hubs and I run the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta…. also known as the “Worlds Largest 10k” with 60,000 participants!!  Usually the only “issue” is the freaking Atlanta HEAT, but this year we had slightly different circumstances.  We were in the middle of an unusual non-stop-rainy season.  Thunderstorms, flooding and downpours threatened cancellations, but alas – the Peachtree morning was rain-free (until the end)!!

We finish in a BEAUTIFUL park called Piedmont Park which after only an hour had turned into a complete mud pit!!!  We were fortunate to finish on the earlier side, so we still saw some patches of grass – but it was literally impossible to avoid getting our pretty shoes dirty!!

I don’t like for my shoes to look spotless because I feel like they look like I haven’t used them hahaha – but big mud stains were not so exciting for me.

When we got home I immediately washed them with some GoSoap shoe wash that I had (but never tried before!) and it was AWESOME!  Took out the mud stains AND funky odors from  having over 400 miles on them.  Now I will admit – I’m slightly spoiled by the fresh scent of Downy Unstoppables which I discovered at a race expo – and GoSoap doesn’t have the same “springtime” scent – but it def. works for killing the sour/gym funk smell in clothing and in shoes!  I use it for my running clothes (esp my sports bras!) and that lingering odor that never went away is now gone!

Anyway- my first time washing shoes was a success and glad I had this stuff on hand!!  Def left more life in my shoes :)

Hubby’s Shoes:chris shoe

My Shoes:
pam shoe

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