We are SUPER excited that Jeremy and his crew of personal trainers will be teaming up with MRTT for a year (or hopefully more!) of awesome training videos and fitness challenges throughout the year!

To kick off the FUN we are starting with a Holi-K challenge…. get it?  Like Holi-DAY…. but with a K??  So I bet you are wondering what the “K” stands for, right?  Well that’s where it gets fun ;)  K=1,000 Yup, we are challenging you to do 1,000 squats over the next 4 weeks.  Sound intimidating?   Think about it this way, it’s only 38 squats per day!  That’s not too hard!  Or maybe you are thinking it’s not hard enough??  Well, watch the video and Jeremy will give you tips on how to amp up your squats to make them a little more challenging.

But that’s not ALL the challenge involves.  Over the next 4 weeks we will introduce a new strength training challenge each week.  Do the strength workout on the days marked with an “S” (or you can swap if needed).  If you choose to do another strength workout that’s fine too – just remember that CARDIO (ie:running) is NOT Strength.  We encourage you to alternate your cardio/running and strength days to get the proper mix so this is not in place of your regular running – it’s in addition to.

And finally, we can’t force you…. but we STRONGLY encourage you to track your food daily whether on an app or on good ole pen and paper :) Seeing what you are consuming will help you become more aware of what’s going in your body.  We plan to do some videos soon that break down some “dieting” myths as well as some useful information on fueling your body.

Get Started!

  1. Watch the video below
  2. Download your Holi-K tracking spreadsheet HERE
  3. Subscribe to Moms RUN This Town on YouTube to see the latest STRENGTH workouts from Gritton’s Training System and MRTT
  4. Download a food-tracking app (my favorite is MyFitness Pal) or grab some pen an paper to track your food over the next 28 days!
  5. Join our secret FB group HERE
  6. At the end of the challenge (Dec 21st) come back here for a chance to submit your challenge results!

For more information on Gritton’s Training System visit the website at www.gtsptc.com

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