A great review of the Handana from our Denver, NC Chapter Leader: Angela Gribbins!

You wake up in North Carolina most summer mornings and it is already 80 degrees.  If it isn’t, the humidity is already 99% so you are going to be a soggy mess if you do anything outside.  But, you are a runner, so run you must.  You don your sweat wicking shirt from InknBurn, a cute skirt with sweat wicking liner from Skirt Sports, and synthetic Balega socks and Brooks Ravennas that some nice guy at Fleet Feet fitted you for.  You put a Bondi Band on your head and you are ready to go.  Until you get to about half a mile into your five miles.  That is when it happens.  Sweat dripping down your elbows.  Sweat on your upper lip.  You have a few choices.  You can let it drip.  You can shake it off.  Or, my favorite, you can lift up that sweat wicking shirt and wipe it off while your belly hangs out for the world to see.

Enter Handana.

The day that I was so fed up with lifting my shirt to wipe sweat away that was not getting caught by all my other sweat wicking apparatuses (apparati?) someone from Moms RUN This Town mentioned this little invention.  I HAD to have one and so I GOT ONE!

The Handana site describes the handana as “a high performance fashionable sweatband that wraps around your hand. You can use both sides of your hand to wipe sweat from your neck or forehand, while leaving your hand completely free.”

I have found this to be completely true!  I got a size small and I have kind of small hands, so I think when I order another I will get a “skinny small” or an “extra small” just so it fit a little more snug.  Both sides of my hand have been used to wipe away sweat and it just sits there on my hand waiting to be used when needed.  That it is cute is just icing on the cake!

I now get mad at myself if I forget to wear it when I start out on a run.  North Carolina summer has turned to North Carolina fall which means there are all kinds of fuzzy things falling from the trees that make me less than lady like when running…  yes, you can wipe snot with these things too….  if you run, you know your nose runs and you have to wipe it somewhere!  All you do after the run is throw that baby in the wash and then I hang mine to dry and it is ready for the next time I need it.  Good as new.

Now, I need to go order a pink one…  you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, right??  GO GET YOUR MAMMOGRAM!

Happy Running!

Check out the Denver, NC Blog here: http://denverncmomsrunthistown.wordpress.com


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