hipsister-running-beltMy sister had been on the hunt for a new running belt for a while after feeling like her old belt wasn’t fitting her body right.   She felt the old belt was bulky and the items were so concentrated in one area that they were bouncing more.  She had a half marathon coming up and I happened to have a hipS-sister belt that I hadn’t tried yet, so I figured I’d be a good sister and share the belt-love and see what she thought.  Here is her review of the hipS-Sister Running Belt

“OK, I’m just going to come right out and say it…. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MY hipS-Sister RUNNING BELT! It is seriously one of the best pieces of running gear I have ever owned, and the moment I tried it on I knew I would never run without it again. It is extremely comfortable, and easily holds my phone, energy chews, money, and even my keys with plenty of room to spare. It doesn’t feel big or bulky, and doesn’t shift, slip, bunch, or “ride,” even during long runs. In all honesty, I forget I have it on because it is so streamline, and there is absolutely no movement of items because it fits nice and snug against my body.

I first tried my hipS-sister during a quick 5K race because I wanted to be sure of its fit and function. I was so impressed and in love with it that I wore it the very next day for a half marathon, and that sealed the deal for me! I will absolutely recommend the hipS-sister to anyone and everyone that I meet, and can say without a doubt that it is the best, most comfortable belt out there. It washes very well and the color is super fun and stylish!

If there is one recommendation that I can make, it would probably be to make one of the zippered pouches slightly bigger/ longer than the other. Doing so will allow larger phones or necessities to fit inside. I have an iPhone 5S, and it fits nicely in the open pouch at the top of the band even with its Otterbox case on it. It does stick out slightly at the top, but it is still very secure and I have no fear of my phone falling out. I wear mine with the logo in the back so that I can access the drop-in pouch. All in all… I LOVE IT!!!

I am attaching two pictures… I am actually wearing it in both, but since it fits so wonderfully you can’t even see it! I have keys, energy chews, extra headphones, money, and my phone inside… with plenty of room to spare!”
-Caron Rich (Lavonia, GA MRTT Chapter Leader)


Can’t see the hipS-sister?? That’s the point ;) It’s there but it’s barely noticeable!

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