Yup folks. I have a new addiction.  It’s called WATER and I am apparently addicted to having it while I run.

N-E-V-E-R was I a ‘drink-while-you-run’ girl until I got my FuelBelt.  At first I only took it with me on long runs (6miles+) then one day I ‘accidentally’ did a 5er and was WISHING I had it.  Now even on short little 3-4 mile runs I just wish I had it with me.  It is just SO convenient to just grab a swig and keep on running.

Sporting my fuel belt during a HOT
Peachtree Road Race.  SO glad I brought it!

If my mouth gets dry…. grab a drink.  If I’m feeling hot… grab a drink.  If I just need to get my mind off running for a sec… I grab a drink.

I know, some of you are thinking ‘but water is GOOD thing to be addicted to’ – but I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever be able to go on a run without it? Maybe in the winter??  It’s just to hot here right now to even think about not bringing it with me.

Even during races where I KNOW they will have water – I don’t want to stop or break up my stride to grab a cup – I just want to grab it from my FuelBelt when I want it / when I NEED it.  Is that silly to really think it breaks my stride that much to stop and get water??? Because I really do think it does ;)

I’m proud to say I’ve MASTERED the one handed entry/exit of the bottle.  I’m still preferring to wear it at my natural waistline and with the bottles in the front.  And it is still super comfortable.

So how many of yall CAN’T run without water?  How many of you DON’T run with water?  How many wear your FuelBelt or similar to races?  At what distance of run do you consider it essential to have some form of hydration on the run?  What about temperature??

This whole water while you run thing to me is so new – but I swear it does make a difference!!!

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