These are products that I either love or find interesting.  Some of these products I’ve tried, some I just am intrigued by so just note that everyone is different and what one person loves not everyone will love!  I will try to include discount codes when I can get them, testimonials if I’ve tried them, or any other info I can.  I also tried to link as much stuff as possible to help make your search and shopping process easier!!

Earn Cash Back for Shopping for fitness gearA frugal mama’s tip:

I use and have installed their toolbar (sooo important so you never miss a deal!) so anytime I shop online I get a notification if cash back is available!  I’ve earned over $200 just in doing my regular shopping at the holidays!!!  This may help in getting you the best price.  Also I always google for coupon codes.  There are a few sites such as and where you can find coupon codes – use your ebates on top of that and you can score some awesome deals!!!  It’s hit or miss with those sites, so you have to have patience.

Holiday Gift Guide

Featured Freebie!

Power Toothpaste Caffeine Energy ToothpastePower Toothpaste: The world’s first caffeinated toothpaste. With this toothpaste, you get a rush while you brush.  I’ve never tried this product, but if you sign up for a free sample and share your link you can earn free stuff…. who doesn’t love free stuff?  I just got mine and it taste like normal toothpaste… we will see how it works ;)

Workout/Fitness Equipment

  • Bosu Ball: One of my most FAVORITE new pieces of workout equipment!!!  It’s AWESOME for balance exercises that will strengthen your core, ankles and legs which will help a ton in running!  It’s also KILLER for cardio workouts!  It comes with a DVD but there are tons of workouts on youtube.  Seriously, it’s pricey but I’m obsessed!  These can be purchased at most sporting goods stores or online – order on using  ebates and cashback too!
  • Balance Ball:  These can be found anywhere from any sporting goods stores, Walmart, Target, Amazon, even places like TJMaxx, Ross, Marshalls.  Make sure you get the proper size for your height.  Awesome for workouts of all types!
  • Yoga Wheel: I have the Dharma  Yoga Wheel but I’ve also seen one called the Plexus Yoga Wheel – I assume they are about the same…. not sure.  It’s awesome for opening your back for yoga poses.  Yes, runners should do yoga.
  • Yoga Blocks:  These are great for beginner y0gis as well as advanced.  Lots that can be done with them to help improve your practice!  I’m not going to lie – you will see hundreds of brands and they are all pretty much the same and serve the same function…. go for color, style or price on this one ;)  It’s probably a good idea to go ahead and get two.  One will get you by, but there  are some things you could use two for.
  • GPS Watch:  I won’t even begin to recommend a specific brand or style.  Check out DC Rainmaker for some awesome reviews!  I just got the Garmin 220  and LOVE it so far!  Always be sure to use. If you order on Amazon occasionally you can get ebates cashback too!

Workout/Running Gear

  • Just Live Brand Leggings: My most FAVORITE capris and leggings!!! Medium compression and super silky feel!  They make your butt feel fast.  No lie!  Use code MRTT10 for 10% off your purchase!
  • Skirt Sports: Cute, Sassy and Functional!  I love this company!!!  Use code 15SSMRTT for 15% off your purchase! (get ebates cashback too!)
  • Family Fan Club: Create your own unique running gear with their easy to use design process on their website!  Use code MRTT10 for 10% off your purchase!
  • Headsweats: I’ve been wearing Headsweats visors since 2007 and I’ll never wear another visor again.  They are the BEST and that’s why we only use them for our MRTT/SRTT visors.  I think you should order a custom MRTT/SRTT visor from our site, but if you wan to have other options you can go to their website and use code MRTT10 for 10% off your order!
  • Compression Socks/Sleeves:  There are a TON of different brands. Look for “graduated compression”, be aware of sizing if you have large/small calves.  The benefit of calf sleeves are that you can wear your own socks (if you are picky).  We like Feetures, CEP, Crazy Compression, and SLS3
  • Fitness/Running Belts:  Another one of those items where there are a million different types.  Things to look for:  Will it fit your phone?  How wide is the band?  Color options?  How does it close (zipper/foldover)?  Is it water proof?  Sizing?  Here are a few options to look at:

Gifts for the Runner who has Everything

  • Groupon:  Groupon is a great site to purchase some awesome fitness related gear AND classes!!! I’ve signed up for classes for Pure Barre, Pole Fitness/Dance classes, Gym memberships, Crossfit, Races, and so much more!  If you are struggling to find the right gift for someone – give them some awesome classes to test out!  (Use your account first to get 6% cash back!)
  • Race Entry Fees:  Keep an eye on our race discounts page for some awesome discounts, but race entry fees always make a great gift!  Don’t forget to check Groupon first to see if they have any race deals too!
  • Power Toothpaste: The world’s first caffeinated toothpaste. With this toothpaste, you get a rush while you brush.  I’ve never tried this product, but if you sign up for a free sample and share your link you can earn free stuff…. who doesn’t love free stuff?
  • FPX Fitness Hoop: Super fun way to stay fit!  It comes with a great workout DVD and you can find more videos online.  Use code HOOP15 for 15% off your purchase
  • Xpand Lacing System: These are in kickstarter mode so I haven’t tried them – but I just came across them and they look amazing!!!
  • Desk Cycle:  I had the chance to try this and it was pretty cool!  It’s perfect for the fitness freak who is stuck at a desk job or injured runner or busy mom who needs something small to keep at the house!  I thought I’d struggle with coordination while typing but it was pretty easy to use and lots of settings to adjust to.  It was also great to get in a few “miles” while watching TV at night!!!  You can get it online on Amazon.
  • Oofos Recovery Flip Flops:  Well, I HAD a pair of these… but my mom tried them, loved them and stole them from me ;)  They feel SOOOO good after a long run, or really any time!!!  Super springy and comfortable – you have to try them to know!!!  You won’t be sorry!


  • CodyApp: Yoga, Fitness, Barre Instructional videos (discount code coming soon)
  • MyFitnessPal Premium: The free version does almost everything you need but the premium unlocks a few more features
  • Spotify (monthly subscription):  Your favorite music on demand!  I’m OBSESSED with this for working out and running.



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