Can I just tell you how THRILLED I was to have a chance to review the FXP Fitness Hoop?  Um, HELLO CHILDHOOD!

FXP Fitness Hoop ReviewYes, this is a Hula Hoop – like from Wham-O! Really!! But it’s so much better than the one you had when you were growing up!  I had no idea what to expect when I got it – or how you could do “fitness” with it.  I was expecting this huge box to arrive on my door – but it wasn’t!  How is a hoop inside this thing?  Well that’s kinda one of my favorite parts of the FXP Hoop – it’s PORTABLE.  As in, it breaks down into 6 equal sections and fits in this handy little bag they give you. When you are ready to use it, it snaps together literally in seconds!!! So you can take it pretty much ANYWHERE you wanna go!  Hoop at the beach, hoop at the park, hoop at the soccer fields…. possibilities are endless :)  And seriously – there is nothing I can’t stand more than fitness equipment that I have no clue how to store *cough cough – Stability Ball – cough cough*  So when I found out I could literally put this thing under my sofa, on a closet shelf, under a desk…. you name it …. I was TOTALLY PUMPED!

The hoop is weighted (2 lbs) so it stays up easier than a cheap-o hoop you’d get at Walmart.  I’m not going to lie, I don’t have much rhythm in my hips so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep it up – but it’s the perfect size and weight so that really helped!!  Yes, I still drop it from time to time, but for the most part I’m able to keep it going!  I honestly couldn’t stop grinning when I was hooping – it was just fun!!

I loved that it came with a workout video because I honestly had no clue what to do with it other than a little hip gyration ;)  The workouts were short but OMG these teeny tiny movements that reminded me of stuff we do in barre class are KILLER!  It’s amazing how heavy 2lbs can feel when you are holding it and pulsing your muscles!  The workouts combine cardio and strength training (awesome for runners who neglect the strength but still want cardio!)  They even have mini workouts and tutorials on their YouTube channel!

Even Fitsie our Elf likes to Hoop!

Fitness Hoop Elf on the Shelf - FXP Fitness Hoop

The only downfall is that it may not be the best exercise to do with kids around. My daughter (who is 6) is determined that she’s big enough to use it……  so watching her get frustrated when she can barely hold it is just annoying. (yes, she does have a hoop that is her size).  And my son wants to try to grab it while it’s spinning.  Ugh.

So despite it not being easy to use around kids, it’s SUPER fun with your friends!!!!  I’m dying for one of our local fitness studios to open a hoop class but no luck so far! Anyway, check out this little info video I found on YouTube and see for yourself how awesome it is!  It’s a perfect gift for that fitness person who seems to have EVERYTHING!  Use code LATESAVER and save 10%

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