First off I have to thank you all for making our first virtual race WITH BLING a HUUUUGE success!!!!  Yes, we did run into a few minor problems with medals (36 were defective – but the company is taking care of that!) but for our first shot at all this custom medal stuff – I’d say it went SWIMMINGLY ;)

Second – thanks to the following companies for providing prizes:
Active Band, Yurbuds, Havasu Runner Decals and Joggermom!

Now for the winners.  Here is how the winners were selected to be FAIR .  All paid for medals were imported to a CSV file in Excel – if you ordered multiple medals I listed your name multiple times depending on quantity.  I decided to select from paypal rather than the completers list so that I could contact the winner and give them a chance to verify their time if they happened to forget…. we are moms – stuff happens ;)

The Freebie winners were selected from the Mail Chimp completers form.   The photo winner was selected by me – I don’t like contests that require you to harass your friends to “like” an image… not my style.  Instead I picked one that just really jumped out at me.  I’ll share my reasoning below ;)  HOWEVER – I may do a photo “runners up” thing because there were a few more that just can’t go unmentioned – stay tuned for that!!!

Without further ado…. WINNERS!  Please email me and I’ll coordinate prizes with ya!  If you didn’t submit proof of mileage, please do so in your email.

  • $100 gift card
    • Jane Wallace – King, NC
    • Denise Brimmer-Collins – Fort Worth, TX
  • $50 gift card to*
    • Kerri Baumis – Longwood, FL
    • Lisa Iaccarino – Oxford, GA
  • $25 gift card to*
    • Lindsey Hausmann – Newnan, GA
    • Jennifer Lanza – Redwood, CA
    • Tiesha Frazier – Cincinnati, OH
    • Laura Dantin – Franklinton, LA
    • Lisa Gatzke – Rockwall, TX
    • Chris Martin – Lancaster, PA
  • Yurbuds winner:
    • Jillian Le – Rockwall, TX
    • Barbara Saetz – Rockwall, TX
    • Erica Ridley – Irwin, PA
  •  Active Band
    • Juliette Gallegos – Dallas, TX
    • Mark Hanses – Martinez, CA
    • Marchelle Broussard – Los Angeles, CA

Photo Winner(s): Sarah Sharp, Debra Yingling and the Smyrna Clayton Running Club (Delaware) – $50 gift card to compliments of

Ok…. this was a TOUGH call between a few photos – but I have to admit, Sarah and Debra were truly girls after my own heart ;)  Huge group run all brightly dressed in their neon colors, they took the initiative to print their own custom race bibs from our logo (I dropped the ball on that one), Debra made custom coozies from the medal image off our website and swag bags (including more “bling” ring pops!!), they set up water stations with balloons along the way and organized a post race grub…. Oh and they documented it all in photos.  I mean – for real… THAT is what I’m talking about!!!!!!

Sorry yall will have to ‘split’ the winnings – but the gift card can go to your group for more FANTASTIC events, prizes, etc or you two fine ladies can split it.  I’ll leave that up to you!!!!  So awesome girls – truly amazing!!!  Thank you for going above and beyond on our little race :)

They had 23 ladies, 4 guys, one newborn and one unborn baby due SOON if not already.  Check out their photos below.  Love this so much!!!!!

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6 Responses to Hot Mama Winners!!!

  1. A big congratulations to all the winners! And what a great job to the ladies that organized :) way to go!

  2. Jenn Lanza says:

    Yay!!! I won!! So exciting!

  3. Debra Yingling says:

    Thank you so much for this event and the opportunity to win! We had so much fun.

  4. Tiesha Frazier says:

    Thank you so much!

  5. Chris Martin says:

    Yeah! I won!! Thanks SO much! I’ve tried to email you to claim my prize, but I haven’t heard back.

  6. Pam says:

    Gift cards will go out tomorrow :) check your email then!!! Congrats everyone!

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