So I am not sure what is going on in my head but I am sick of it!! I have been suffering with it for a few weeks.. The whole time I am running negative Nancy is hanging over my Shoulder saying you need to slow down, you can’t run this, Come on and walk it will feel better! Each time I finish I am like I did it great!! I wish I could just brush it off but I can’t.. Anyone have any ideas how to get rid of this chick that is bringing me down???

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2 Responses to I have a bad case of SELF DOUBT~~~Heather

  1. Ashley says:

    I've been there many times. I have a list of things to tell myself when it starts to happen. Like, "just imagine this is the last mile of my half marathon" or "All of this tough training now is going to make that next race so much easier," or sometimes I use "Think of the example you are making for my daughters" or "Every mile I push through now insures that I will be healthier to live a longer life to spend with them." Sometimes these really help and then sometimes I think my body does really need a break. Either way I think you should accept that you did your best for that day or what was best for you at that time and move on with it. Tell yourself that you will do better next time and you will eventually move through this phase. Just don't beat yourself up about it, because that really doesn't help anything and probably just increases the self doubt next time. Good luck getting through this phase and coming out stronger on the other side.

  2. nicole says:

    sometimes that negative Nancy is trying to tell you to slwo down because you're tired and need to recoup. Other times its just a mental barrier that we need to break through because our body is at a plateau that we need to surpass…the trouble is figuring out which it is. I have been through this and typically when I find myself wanting to stop I tell myself 5 more min or 1 more mile and then when I get to that "goal" I do an assessment: Do I hurt- no can I breath- yes, have I done my best-no then keep pushing dont give up because when I let myself quit I punish myself for the next few if I am hurting cant breath, am feeling dehydrated or dizzy etc, I can be more forgiving, but then again sometimes we just need a break to remember why we love to get out there I know I did after my marathon and now I'm back there is nothing wrong with choosing to walk or skip a day all together if in the end you will feel more enthusiastic the next time around sometines we just have too much going on to enjoy the run…but if you are feeling good at the end when you dont let yourself quit keep that though with you and push through you'll get past this–every runner has walls that we have to push through

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