Yes, the last post said I was ‘reading’ a book – that was just last Friday.  I’m now proud to announce that I not only finished reading the Jeff Galloway book, but I also picked up and read (in one day mind you) the ‘Run Like a Mother’ book!!!

The Jeff Galloway (Jeff Galloway’s Book on Running) was a lot of fact and information which is what I wanted.  I needed to know how I ‘should’ be doing things… (read ‘how a true professional does things’).  I LOVED the chapter on women’s running by Barbara Galloway (his wife).  So many things I never thought of and that never occurred to me… training plans for my marathon… speed work and drills… it was just awesome.  I hit so many running epiphanies  my head is just swimming with excitement and motivation. I even felt so motivated to go slower than my normal pace to see if I could go further I set out for a 6 mile run PUSHING AC in the jogging stroller and ended up doing 9 miles!!!!!  Longest distance with her to date!!!  Can we say “jogging stroller half marathon”??  Yup – I think so….

Run Like a Mother‘ was a great storytelling book.  I instantly felt connected to Dimity for SO many reasons and knew that Sarah would be the girl I secretly loathed for being so fast and super dedicated (that’s a good thing, I love competition and stuff that drives me to be faster).  My neck is actually sore after reading the book from constantly nodding in approval on pretty much every little thing they touched on from daily family matters to thoughts during running to dealing with potty/bathroom issues to personal details that you probably wouldn’t share with friends but I’ve TOTALLY thought!

It was fun to read little tid bits from other mothers but I think I was literally just so caught up in the book I was just DYING to see what Dimity had to say next and glazed over them.  Definitely will have to go back and read those separately.  Thanks to these two girls I feel totally validated in every running related thought and feeling that’s gone through my head and I’m TOTALLY eager to get out on the track and do some speed work. 

I literally could not put the book down and if you read Friday’s post – you know that is like crazy to believe!!  I read it cover to cover in ONE DAY and all this while watching (and playing with) my 2 year old.  Thank goodness she took a nice nap and was occupied by about a hundred colorful buttons for a few hours ;)

Unfortunately their next book wont be out until March 2012… but I have another JG book and a stack of other books to get started on (plus the recommendations from the earlier post). 

I Highly highly recommend both books to anyone!!! 

They have both inspired me so much I’m dedicating this week’s blog posts to all the running epiphanies I’ve come to and touching on all the thoughts/points where I now feel validated.

Depending on if you want a good informative book or a good storytelling book or BOTH – Read these two and let me know what you think!!

Happy running!

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