I’ve heard a lot of people talking about ice baths after a long hard run/workout but thought the sound of it was just insane.  (here is a link to an article on ice baths from Runners World)

I have, however, started making huge freezer bags full of ice and icing down my knees after a long run.  I sit with an ice bag on my knees for about 20 min, let them warm up then another 15ish minutes.

The first time I did that after a 14 mile run – my knees NEVER were sore the next day.  So yesterday after my 16mile run I ice-bagged my knees, ankles and legs.  Woke up today – legs felt GREAT!!!  Not sore at all!!

The only thing that was a little sore was my hips (which didn’t get the ice treatment) so I TOTALLY see how a 20 min ice bath can work!!!

You better believe I’ll be dipping my whole lower half in a tub full of ice cold water after my next long run!!!  20 minutes of freezing cold pain is definitely worth being able to walk the next day!

One main tip is to wear super warm clothes on your upper half so at least part of yourself is warm ;) Makes sense.

Who else has tried ice baths?  What did ya think???

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  1. jillconyers says:

    I'm a big believer in ice packs. Ice bath? Can't bring myself to do it even though it stands to reason that it would beneficial.

    Let us know how it goes!

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