In the words of our MRTT/SRTT members…

A few months ago I saw a graphic with handwritten colorful words on it. I thought it would be neat to do something similar on a visor…. I kept thinking about signing walls at races and how so many members have left their mark… and how I wished I could collect them. Then it hit me….What if I asked members to write a word that reminds them of running or MRTT/SRTT, scanned them in, and put them in a collage. I had no clue if it would work, but figured I’d try.Within hours I had so many words submitted I could barely keep up! I traced and placed as fast as I could and the end result left me speechless.So here it is…. hats and visors created by YOU our wonderful members of MRTT/SRTT. I couldn’t fit all the words on here – but I plan to make a few things using this because it just sums up what we are all about.

The deadline on this pre-order is short so we can get them by Christmas…. you have until 7/19 to place your pre-order for a hat, visor, or both! More information on the order page.

Here’s the link!

This is YOU!!!  

I had no clue what I’d get when I asked for words but I was blown away. Here were a few of the submissions. Each one was run through a program to “trace” the words and then colorized. It’s truly one of the most special things we’ve ever created together!!

Pre-Order your Hat or Visor – CLICK HERE



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