Heather recently saw something called “Knuckle Lights” in Shape magazine. They are lights that you wear on your knuckles (hints the clever name haha) when you run to keep your hands free and so you can see where you are going!! We toyed with the idea of getting one pair and testing them out – but after contacting them they sent us both a pair!!

First off – THEY INCLUDED BATTERIES.  Huge win.  I NEVER have batteries so that was cool I could use them immediately.

Each light has 4 super bright LED lights (45 lumens per unit whatever that means – hahaha) but they ARE bright!!  I mean it was literally like carrying two bright flashlights without having to hold them.  The beams are super wide and lit up a huge portion of the path in front of us.

They have other colors too :)

I’ve tried head lamps before and they have nothing on these things…   I’m not really interested in seeing the air in front of my face – I need to see the PATH in front of me so these were perfect!  Since they are at hip level – it lights up the road in front of you all the way up to seeing branches too (if you are running on path with trees – which we do!)

I was concerned with the lights bouncing around and making me dizzy – and I did notice a little movement – but it was only on the outer edges.  Where the lights merged together in front of me it was just a big bright beam of light. 

Another bonus??  Cars can see you coming!!!  Someone asked the other day “are these so you can see or so cars can see you?”  It really didn’t occur to me that it was an added bonus to use them to make me more visible to cars but it is!!

How Comfortable Are They:  

Of course you want to know how comfortable they are.  I was wondering the same thing… how comfortable could these really be??  Well first I have to say that I used to run with a music player in my hand (since ditched that) but now occasionally run with pepper spray in my hand (keeps the boogie men away) so having something in my hands while running isn’t unfamiliar to me.  The Knuckle Lights surprisingly AREN’T like having something in your hands!  They fit comfortably over your knuckles and have a thin adjustable band that I almost forgot I  had them on. Your hands are still free to move around and it’s not like you are holding something.

My only main issue we had with the comfort factor is that it hit our engagement rings.  I tried twisting the ring around and that got annoying too – so when we run with the Knuckle Lights we just take our engagement ring off (wedding band wasn’t a problem since it’s pretty thin and flat) and no prob there.  Oh – and the other issue I had with comfort is TOTALLY a “Pam Only” issue…. I had a freak accident with a chicken can and have a bunch of scar tissue on the inside of my entire pinky – so the bands were kinda hard on that -but again – I doubt anyone else would have this problem ;) On long runs where it ends up getting lighter as the run progresses it’s kinda annoying to continue holding them, so if you are wearing a fuel belt you can slip them through the belt – or if you are wearing a spibelt they actually fit in the large pouch. 

We both thought originally that the bands would be elastic – I don’t know why we thought that – just assumed I guess.  They are made of flexible plastic but again – it’s not uncomfortable.  And overall they are super light weight.

Value for the Price:

I’ve mentioned before I’m kinda cheap ;)  I’ll admit it.  Yes, I purchase ridiculously expensive shoes – but I get my running clothes on the clearance rack at Ross and TJMaxx.  Yes, I have the Cadillac of  jogging strollers, but I refuse to buy anything at Michael’s without a 50% off coupon.  My point?  I pay more for stuff that is WORTH it.

Oh and did I mention hey offer free shipping???  I can’t tell you how much I LOVE free shipping.  I hate when something is a good price then you get to the check out section and see shipping and it bums you out.  Not the case here.

The $39.99 price tag put me off a little at first but when I saw free shipping I considered it more like $29.99 ;)  (see I can rationalize too).  And I felt like if they sucked I could always pitch a fit and return them. (oh whoops – just looked, they have a 90 day return policy – no fit pitching  necessary!)  But with all the heat in Georgia and marathon training I had to do this summer – I KNEW I would have a bunch of early morning and night runs in my future so I felt like I ‘needed’ them.  But now that I have them I can honestly say YES they are worth the $$.  I love them!!!!  And Heather does too!

You can find them on www.knucklelights.com or facebook at facebook.com/KnuckleLights

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  1. Nicole Orriëns says:

    What a great idea! Who comes up with such a thing. Must be a runner!
    Thanks for your review: it gave me a real good idea of knuckle lights.


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