Sit down.  No seriously – you need to sit for this….

Who am I kidding?? I totally pulled a Tom Cruise on my sofa when I saw the mock up of our latest shirt (thanks Jade C. for showing us that LIGHTS UP!!!!!!!!! Yes – the MRTT logo is now in LIGHTS on the worlds coolest shirt!!!!

This is PERFECT for a night race or ‘themed’ race (Area 13.1, Tower of Terror 10 Miler, Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll….)

The shirt is a women’s cut tshirt and the paper thin light up panel has velcro so it can be removed from the shirt to machine wash.  Lights are lit using a battery pack (batteries included) so you may want to tuck it in your SpiBelt or FuelBelt pocket… but totally worth it for this SUPER KICK BUTT SHIRT!!!!!

Ready to order one??  We are now taking pre-orders for the first batch.  Order process takes about a month so just know in advance we may not get them until the end of May or early June.  We WILL be doing multiple orders on these but we must order minimum quantities and can’t place the order till minimums are met.

We have changed the design from our logo (above) because the sample they sent with colors was SO pretty!!  We will have an animated version soon…. but it will look like this :

If you are ready to pre-order, head over to our MRTT Running Gear page and place your order!!!  These are women’s cut and run true to size according to


Video of the shirt sample:
It will only have 2 AAA batteries!!  (you will see in the video where I’m not sure  – but I am now ;)  )  The battery is small and super light weight!!

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