Yes, I realize it’s halfway through the month, but I’m back from 1 week of vacation, 1 week of being sick, and 1 week of another vacation…. I’ve had to cut way back on my running due to bronchitis but have been eating like I’m in marathon training…. hints the extra 5lbs I’m now carrying around on my 5’4″ frame.

14 days is all I’m asking from you to work towards a small goal.  2 weeks – that’s it!!!!  And it can be ANY goal!!!  It doesn’t have to be running/health related, it’s all about working on motivation this month.

So I’m going to start by spelling out my goal right here in writing so that I’m held accountable from now until the end of May.

  • My May Goal: Lose the 5lbs I gained while on vacation and being sick and start working on speed.
  • How I plan to do it: I want to cut WAY back on sugar, try to “eat clean”, start counting calories and tracking my foods on, and I want to re-start the Fastest 5k program. 
  • What I’m doing to measure progress:  I know that the scale isn’t the best measure when you are a runner and muscle can get in the way of “weight” – so I took my measurements at my bust, smallest part of my waist, also at my waist across my belly button, my hips, and my thigh measurement.  I put on my bikini and took a “before” pic… usually when I do this it holds me more accountable :)

Now… YOU tell me what YOUR goal is and how you plan to work on it!  Do you want to get your house cleaned and organized?  Schedule out a list of summer things to do for your kids?  Drink more water? Learn to incorporate cross training? Eat better? Get faster?  Incorporate hills? Run longer?  Spend less time on the computer??

Comment below with your goal and follow us on Facebook for a daily “check in”.  At the end of the month we will get you to let us know if you met your goal!  There may be a prize at stake ;)

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