I always love meeting new people at races – especially when they are from out of town or heading to a race out of town.  I’ve always wondered what would happen if I gave that person something and had them pass it to someone at a race, and then they pass it on, etc.

Well – apparently someone else had the same thoughts so they created “Where’s George” – a tracking system for dollar bills where you can enter the serial number of a dollar bill marked with “www.wheresgeorge.com” and see all the places it’s been. When I got my first “Where’s George” dollar bill, I was headed to a race expo and it hit me!   I wanted to create a little trinket of sorts that could travel around to races all over the country (and beyond!) being passed from runner to runner and let their story build.

In comes our “Little Mamas“.  Simple little buttons – each with their own name and personality.  This is more than just a pin – this is a piece of motivation, a pick-me-up, a spring in your step. This little piece of plastic, paper and metal is worth more than gold (ok, maybe not so don’t go trying to cash it in).

Why is it so special?? Because in order to get one – someone has to strike up a conversation with you and offer it to you to take to your next race.  Once you receive one you will know you were selected from a sea of runners and you should feel honored. And then it will be your turn to pass the torch.

So…. what do you do with our “Little Mamas”?

These “Little Mamas” like to get around. They like to cover lots of mileage. They like to see new things and make new friends. This is how we will help them accomplish that:

  • Take them with you on a few training runs
  • Take them with you to the gym
  • Heck, take them to the Shop-a-Rama… just take them places
  • But most importantly: Take them across the finish line of your next race!

After you cross the finish line and you are hanging out wiping sweat and eating bananas- find a running mama to pass them on to and let them continue their journey!!

When you have passed them on, you will go to the website listed on the “Little Mamas” pin and enter your story.  We want to know what race they ran, how many miles they covered, what places did they see, who did they run with, did they set any PRs with you?

As they get passed around you will see their stories build on our blog and you will be able to live vicariously through our “Little Mamas”.

Our first 5 “Little Mamas” will be heading out soon on their first adventure, so stay tuned and see where they end up!!

In the meantime…. Lets all wish “Moxie” (Mother of Speed), “Cadence” (Mother of Finishing), “Kara” (Mother of Girl Power), “Betty” (Mother of Sweat), and “Diana” (Mother of Awesome) good luck on their journeys!

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One Response to Meet the “Little Mamas”

  1. Catrina says:

    Love this idea!! And so hope that I come across a runner that will think I am worthy of getting one!!

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