When we were at Smith and Davis trying on the Kinvaras – one of the employees came to check on us and was VERY knowledgable in the minimalist running movement – so rather than try to regurgitate what he said, we asked if we could video his answers to share with yall!  He agreed (yay for us!)

Seth Childress at Smith and Davis talks about the difference between ‘traditional’ running shoes and a ‘minimal’ running shoe.

We were talking about the “Born to Run” book and this was Seth’s response/thoughts/opinion (including thoughts on the New Balance Minimus and the Vibram FiveFingers)

Now – a side review of Smith and Davis Clothing in Fayetteville 
(didn’t plan to do this – but liked them so much I just have to!)
If you are in Newnan/Peachtree City / Fayetteville area – Smith and Davis was great!  I’ve been once before looking at pilot shoes for Chris – but this was my first time in since I’ve been running.  I’ll have to say I was really impressed.  Loved Seth!! He was so knowledgable and nice!!  They had a huge selection of clothing and gear – and had all the latest in footwear (Saucony Kinvaras, Vibram FiveFingers, New Balance Minimus, and Nike Free Run… and a few more of the minimalist shoes but I didn’t really look at them)  They also have the “Toms” shoes that everyone is talking about – didn’t get to try any on, but I will when I go back to pick up my shoes!!  Can’t wait to go back and find some new running gear…. I need more socks!! (I’m going to try the ones Heather uses this time)
Here is their link if you want to check them out: www.smithdavisclothing.com

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  1. The Huff's says:

    what is a good website to get more info on minimalist running? I am interested and would like to know more about the technique and benefits

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