Yup – as in the 1997 hit that NO ONE could resist grooving to.  It reminds me of riding in my friend Joanne’s brand new black dodge neon with the windows down singing at the top of our lungs  (though the only words we knew were “mmmbop” followed by a series of mismatched-mixture of dododowop and bededede dobops  maybe a few yeah yeahs)

Even if you hated it then – I think very few can hear it now without getting a little nostalgic for the late 90’s.  I bet you are even singing it in your head as you read this ;)

Flash forward to 2012 (holy cow has it really been 15 years????) when I read a post by Bob and Trish Juggling stating their excitement for finding a Hanson CD in a goodwill store… I chime in… and here is the exchange of comments:

  • Bob and Trish Juggling Bob found this old Hanson CD at a Goodwill in Sacramento… “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”… what’s your favorite Hanson song?
  • Pam Burrus They have songs other than mmmmbop??
  • Bob and Trish Juggling oh my gosh Pam… check out “Penny and Me” and “Give a Little”… and befriend/like them here on FB… Hanson
  • Pam Burrus hahahhhaha Do I need a time capsule to go back and like them?? ;)
  • Bob and Trish Juggling you will not be disappointed… send your mailing address  and we will send you a Hanson mix tape that will rock your world ;)
  • Pam Burrus Shut the front door – seriously???? I’ll rock it out and then blog about it hahaha
  • Bob and Trish Juggling serious… and I can’t wait to see that blog post… hahaha
  • Pam Burrus It’s on! Just sent it!! If I don’t like it I think you should make a 2 min juggling video promoting our running club ;)
  • Bob and Trish Juggling that is a deal Pam Burrus… as long as we get to pick the song on the 2 min juggling video
  • Pam Burrus DEAL!! ;)

A week or so later I get a package….

In it contains a mixed cd with classic “mixed tape” labeling of permanent marker, stars, and squiggles. If you’ve ever made or received a mixed tape (read “CD” – I think ‘mixed tape’ will forever be the term though) you will know the familiar markings.

Excited to check it out I feel the urge to listen to it in a time-period appropriate device so I literally tear my house apart looking for my Discman player.  Yes.  I still have a Discman….. somewhere….. and it’s driving me nuts that I can’t find it.

Moving on. (yes I have looked in about 6 other spots since writing this)

I had already gone for a run for the day, but had some work to do so I pop it in my cd player and get to work.  A live version of MMMbop starts and I begin to groove…. Not live from 1997…. they actually had “man voices” – so it was kinda cool.

Second song… “Give a Little”… yup this is going on my running mix.

Digging on “Penny and Me”, “Crazy Beautiful”, “Thinkin’ Bout Something” – so far Bob and Trish are spot on with their suggestions….

A few slow songs… maybe not good for running, but I could totally rock them on a long car trip.

Ok… I’ll admit – I will be adding a few songs to my playlist… and I’m impressed with the fact that Hanson could pull off songs other than MMMbop.

SO Bob and Trish…. I guess you win.  Hanson is more than a one hit wonder and totally worthy of rescuing from goodwill.

Suddenly I’m reminiscent of a classic story “green eggs and ham” … so here is my ode to you being right….

I would listen in my car, I would listen running far….
I would play them while I clean, I am sorry for being mean…
I do like the Hanson 3, I do like them yes-sir-e.

So that means our fans won’t get a custom Bob and Trish video???? I’ll let that be your call – you know if you feel so inclined to do a little charity work to our FREE running club that made us NEGATIVE money last year however is bringing SO much happiness to SO many women…. but before you answer just read the comments (ahem guilt trip) on your juggling/joggling act below. :) 

More about Bob and Trish
I would be doing a total injustice to the awesomeness that is Bob and Trish if I didn’t comment on who they were and what they do.  Yes, they are jugglers…. but they are also JOGGLERS.  What’s that?  Jogglers.  They “jog” while “juggling”…..

But “jog” is TOTALLY the wrong word…. they are freakishly fast runners WHILE JUGGLING….

Bob and Trish hold the world records for the fastest 5K (3.1 miles) and 10K (6.2 miles) while juggling 3 objects.  Trish has joggled a 5K in 19:46 and a 10K in 42:58.  Bob has joggled a 5K in 16:42 and a 10K in 35:41.

Ok I can’t even run a 5k CLOSE to 19:46 while NOT juggling…….. and don’t get me started on Bob’s time.  I mean seriously….  what-the-heck.  And did I mention they do this EFFORTLESSLY???  Is it tacky to say I hate them??  Cause I do in an “I’m insanely jealous” kinda way. Love-Hate.  Ok just love.  I’d totally get them to autograph my shoe if I met them in person.

Anyway- you wont fully understand until you you see it… so just watch:

Thanks Bob and Trish for the fun challenge and for the new music :)

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One Response to MMMBop and the “challenge”

  1. Bob Evans says:

    HAHAHA… great post Pam! Loved it. I think you’ll be enjoying a custom video and/or an autographed shoe in the hear future ;)

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