I was SO honored when I was selected as a finalist to be on the cover of Women’s Running Magazine.  I couldn’t believe I had a shot to be on the cover of a magazine dedicated to what I love doing.  When the other finalists were announced and I read their profiles I couldn’t help but to feel inadequate and self conscious.  I had 3 girls pegged as what I thought to be my main competitors…. #1 on the list was Dorothy B.

I’ll admit – I was TOTALLY intimidated by her triple stroller pushing, amazingly fast, rockin’ mom bod … and the fact that she had a popular running blog and big twitter following (@mileposts).  So I fixed my eyes on beating her…

First day I had crushed the percentages working my network to get votes….then she started following me on Twitter.  Really?  Who does that?  Follow your competition?  I didn’t want her to see what I was doing or who I was friends with…. but I did what any other person would do – I followed back and tweeted TO her :)  Kill ’em with kindness I say…

Click to vote for Dorothy B.!!!! 2nd day things were turning and I was about to fight back…. then I emailed her.  I EMAILED my competition.   I honestly can’t even remember what I said to her…. I think I was asking something about percentages not moving much or something…. I’m not sure – but before I knew it we were buddies!  I learned we are SO much alike in a lot of aspects (speed not being one of them) and I realized HOW BAD she wanted this.  Yes, I did to – but sometimes you just get that feeling that things aren’t always about you and you just need to join forces rather than compete.  She has worked so hard and she really is one amazing running mom!!!  When you get to know her it’s REALLY hard not to like her!!!

It’s been almost a week since I contacted her and she has been battling it out to stay in first against another girl with me in a somewhat distant 3rd.  I DON’T want anyone to think I’m “giving up” – I’m not – I just realized in the process how bad she wants this and figured with her network and my network of RUNNING MOMS – we can fight for this and get one AMAZING RUNNING MOM on the Cover of a magazine dedicated to women runners.

If anyone would represent the magazine and running community well it would be her so I’m asking for you to take a second and vote for Dorothy B and PLEASE share share share!!! Tweet, re-pin on Pinterest, share on Facebook, work your social media magic and lets WIN THIS for all the running moms out there!!!


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  1. Execllent post… and hey, someone tagged my art. LOL. — Love it!

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