We are getting more and more prizes for the Virtual Insanity Race Series!!  I HAVE to go to bed (yes, I wrote this last night) since we are heading to North Carolina for our Half Marathon…. but here are a few of the folks who are offering up some fun prizes for the SPIBelt ‘Stuff it and Run’ 5k:

  • SPIBelt (duh) – Dual pocket black SPIBelt
  • My Race Ragz.com – $20 gift certificate and short sleeved MRTT logo technical shirt
  • Gotein – Protein to go powder
  • EFX – holographic balance bands
  • I Am – eco friendly printed shirts for everything you am ;)  (that was a joke, my grammar isn’t that bad)!

And we are working on more!!

I’ll elaborate more on these companies later (cause they are worth it)…  If there is a super awesome company you think we should get a prize from, let us know and we will contact them. (but only super awesome companies – we like good stuff! ;) )  If they give us a prize we will give you 5 (yes FIVE) extra entries.  How’s that for motivation!??

Oh and since we have more prizes there will DEFINITELY be a photo contest.  Remember to snap a pic in your race bib (if you already ran without it – it’s ok, come up with some clever way to take a pic afterward!!) to be entered in the contest.  Be creative!!  If you want to do the Virtual 5k on the same day as a real 5k, wear your bib on your back to spread the word!!  Get a bunch of friends to sign up and do it together.  Put the bib on your dog and run with him!  Just have fun and be creative!!

Now wish us luck in the Downhill at Dawn half marathon…. and don’t let the ‘downhill’ part fool you – it’s got some fierce hills at the start!!!

See yall MONDAY!!!

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3 Responses to More Prizes!!!

  1. Liz says:

    I think you should get Bondi Bands. Their headbands are AWESOME, plus they absorb all that sweat that will be coming with the summer.

  2. fancy nancy says:

    I love finding new porducts through other people's blogs! Great prizes!! Good luck on your half marathon! Run your race and tackle those hills!!!

  3. Nicole Orriëns says:

    I wish you look going downhill, while going uphill!


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